How to Vacation from a Vacation

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How to Vacation from a VacationYou’ve certainly asked friends, How was your vacation? They’ve undoubtedly answered, I need a vacation from my vacation. Two suggestions. One: Passive-aggressively purchase a book like Cliches for Dummies for their birthday. And two: why not actually do it? That is, why not plan for and tack on a mini-vacation to the end of a long and exhausting trip? Read more

In Case of the Mondays in Portland, Maine

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Where to Eat on Monday in Portland Maine

The very month that Bon Appetit magazine had named Portland, Maine, its Restaurant City of the Year, I had come to eat. But because it was Monday, most establishments were closed.


Wanting to dine out on a Monday in a food destination when everything is closed is a predicament that many leisure and business travelers can relate to: extending that weekend all for naught; recognizing on a work trip that the one saving grace—the coveted meal at the end of the day—sits uncooked behind a closed sign. Read more

Finding Solitude in Southern Maine: Traveling Georgetown Island

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Solitude Southern Maine
“We’ve seen the trifecta,” the captain of the lighthouse cruise said as the ferry circumnavigated Georgetown Island. We had already seen the seven beacons set along the coast, helping ships like ours refrain from ruin. But the captain’s coveted three included the five camouflaged seals lazing upon the rock outcropping, the pair of juvenile bald eagles not yet capped with white, and the osprey springing from its nest, commencing the hunt. Read more

Avoiding the Bunk of Kennebunkport When Traveling with the Family

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I considered arching my back and approaching the low bridge as if it were a limbo pole. But the tide was too high. Instead, I laid the paddle upon the board and crouched down low. The momentum was enough to sail me beneath the overpass and the tourists it held. They stood there admiring Kennebunkport’s crowded harbor, where even restaurant patios encroached upon the already narrow waterway. Read more

Oyster Cruising in Maine on the Damariscotta River

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Eating Oysters Daramiscotta RiverChip was what would happen if the comic Steven Wright had ever decided to turn it down a few notches and to pilot an oyster boat.


While the dull and droll boat captain of Damariscotta Maine River Cruises was a curious creature, every person on the tour cared mostly about another organism: the oysters. Read more

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