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Free Art in Indianapolis

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Free Art in Indianapolis

On my trip to Indy, I visited a few art museums. And while the art you can pay for is intriguing, I was most impressed with the free art in Indianapolis, which you can find along the Cultural Trail and in the wonderful art exhibitions in two hotels: the Conrad and the Alexander. Read more

Biking the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

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Biking the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The best way to explore downtown Indy is by biking the Indianapolis cultural trail. Recently inaugurated, this eight-mile brown-stoned path travels through five of Indy’s cultural districts and exposes visitors to what is an incredibly artistic and clean city. Read more

Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Indianapolis Brickyard 400 NASCAR

I learned quickly that NASCAR races begin with traffic.


I was invited out to Indianapolis by Visit Indy and one of the members of the team picked me up at the airport to take me to the twentieth running of the Brickyard 400. But by the time we turned off the highway, we were at a dead standstill. As we inched toward the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which covers enough land that it could hold about four Yankee Stadiums, I got a clear sense for how enthusiastic Hoosiers are about car racing. Read more

One Day In Atlantic City

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One Day in Atlantic City

During the summer, Marissa was invited down to Atlantic City for our friend’s bachelorette party. With child inside, she didn’t feel that is was best to partake in all of the late-night festivities (evidence A of good mothering), nor did she think that any of the other girls would want to score her as a bedmate (evidence A of good social awareness skills). (I should mention here that there is a lot of pressure to sleep next to a pregnant girl. One night, after coming back from a bourbon event, I had rolled in my sleep and more or less kneed our baby-to-be. It’s hard to sleep when your riddled with guilt.) Read more

Charleston Plantation: A Visit to Middleton Place

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Charleston Plantation Middleton Place

I dislike pollen and I’m still trying to figure out why Westerners opt to pay for the murdered parts of trees. However, no trip to Charleston, South Carolina, is complete without a visit to a Charleston plantation. During my visit to the city of Charleston, I ventured out to the Middleton Place, which every single person that I polled had voted the most beautiful plantation in the area. Read more