Uncouple in the Bahamas (Or Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas)

Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas“Oh, we must see the restaurant where Gwinny uncoupled,” said the writer who covers celebrities. He was one of my travel companions on my recent trip to the Bahamas. “I must eat exactly what she had and I want to take pictures of the table.” He was quite excited about this Gwinny and this restaurant and this meal and this uncoupling, which was a term I had never heard applied to the kitchen.


Was Gwinny just another celebrity chef? I wondered. Had she discovered a new technique for the uncoupling of oyster shells, perhaps, assuaging the stress on the little body inside, keeping the meat even more delicious? But, no, he had said that Gwinny ordered a meal. I was confused and tired of trying to figure this out.


“Who?” I asked.


“Gwinny,” he repeated. “Gwyneth.”


I shrugged.


His lip curled in disgust. “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Uh, I can’t.”


“Uncoupling is this new thing that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did down here in the Bahamas,” my wife explained.


Uncoupling in the Bahamas


Apparently, this famed couple had come to the islands to celebrate an end to their marriage. It wasn’t enough that they had fomented a frenzy for the naming of children after fruits, now they were pushing future divorcees to undo a marriage with panache.


An uncoupling trip sounded worse than a botched medical tourism journey to the gulags of Russia. But then again we were in the Bahamas and the island of Eleuthera–with its turquoise Caribbean waters to one side and the churning gray Atlantic on the other–could certainly make even a rocky divorce more romantic, at least more romantic than a marriage-ender at Dave and Busters over a game of Skee Ball.


Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas


Despite Gwinny and Chrissy’s splitsy, as my writer friend explained after he had developed more patience for my ignorance, the Bahamas is still in the business of celebrating marriage. In fact, this coming January, on the 16th day, at 16:00 hours, 16 winning couples will have a wedding on 16 different islands. And everything–flights, rooms, flowers, rings, gown, tux, etc.–will be paid for by the resorts and Ministry of Tourism. The contest is free to enter for engaged couples living in America. To win a free wedding in the Bahamas, submit a 100-word essay and a video or photo at this link before June 15, 2014.


Get creative. Get engaged. Don’t get uncoupled; but if you do, the Bahamas is apparently nice for that, too.




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  1. Juliann

    Shoot! Now you tell me. My ex-husband and I went to the Bahamas for our 1st anniversary. We got divorced two years later. Guess we could have make a second trip. 😉
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    • Noah Lederman

      If the trip would have been a few years later, Juliann, you might have been able to claim the word.

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