Drinking Apple Wine in Frankfurt

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Drinking Apple Wine in Frankfurt
At the Lorsbucher Thal, in the city of Frankfurt, I walked through the underground cellar that houses both an impressive collection of apple wine and a small museum to the craft. Wooden barrels six feet in diameter and fiberglass tanks that look like miniature submarines take up most of the space, while the world’s largest collection of apple wine, according to the owner, takes up only a few shelves along one wall.

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Uncouple in the Bahamas (Or Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas)

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Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas“Oh, we must see the restaurant where Gwinny uncoupled,” said the writer who covers celebrities. He was one of my travel companions on my recent trip to the Bahamas. “I must eat exactly what she had and I want to take pictures of the table.” He was quite excited about this Gwinny and this restaurant and this meal and this uncoupling, which was a term I had never heard applied to the kitchen.


Was Gwinny just another celebrity chef? I wondered. Had she discovered a new technique for the uncoupling of oyster shells, perhaps, assuaging the stress on the little body inside, keeping the meat even more delicious? But, no, he had said that Gwinny ordered a meal. I was confused and tired of trying to figure this out. Read more

My One Year Anniversary: Part II

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An Angry Monkey atop Mount Batur


In the last post (four days ago), we reminisced about my one year wedding anniversary. Today, we mark the one year anniversary of Somewhere Or Bust. As you could imagine, my last June was busy. (See my first post ever to recall the chaos of June 2012, which involved a hit-and-nearly-run, a wedding, a big move, a culminating school year, a three-month honeymoon, and a blog launch.) Read more

My One Year Anniversary: Part I

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Floating down the Mekong River

One year ago, today, I married Marissa. I thought I’d take you through the journey of our relationship, focusing this lovely eight-year voyage through the lens of travel.


Our first real test was nine months into our relationship, back in 2006. I had just completed my first year of teaching and missed my first true love: traveling the globe with a surfboard. So I told Marissa, my new true love, I wanted to head down to Central America for one month to surf. I asked her if she would meet me. And while my wife is now an accomplished flyer, earning some serious status on some snazzy airlines, she used to be terrified of flying. Even more frightening was the prospect of flying alone. Read more

Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Never Ending Voyage

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Interview Never Ending Voyage

Welcome to the eighth installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re a reader seeking out the best travel stories, a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with Erin, one half of the digital nomad team at Never Ending Voyage. Read more