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Budget Airlines and Their Hidden Fees

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Budget Airlines Tickets Hidden Fees

When I visited Europe back in 2004, I discovered the continent’s budget airlines that would finally relieve me of having to take buses and trains everywhere. By that point in my fifteen-month round-the-world trip, if you had added up the hours, I had probably spent the equivalent of one month on buses and trains. (Point of fact: During my four weeks in Costa Rica, I had traveled 192 hours by bus. That equals eight days.) So when I found the budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet, I got down on my knees and thanked the Wright Brothers for flight and cavemen for introducing the concept of no frills. Read more

Improving Business Etiquette in Vietnam

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Hanoi Vendor

When I attended the Robert H. Smith School of Business–They keep asking for donations, I thought I’d give them a plug instead–at the University of Maryland, my statistics teacher brought in a business etiquette coach.

“Do not slouch… Shake with your right hand… Pick up the small fork for salads…” This was some of her advice to the class.

As a visitor to Vietnam, I thought about that etiquette coach for the first time. Ma’am, if I could give you some advice: you could make a killing teaching business etiquette in Vietnam training the touts and shop owners. Ma’am, as properly as I could state this: get your ass to Vietnam. Read more

Video: Knock Knock Jokes in Angkor Wat

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The children around Angkor Wat are adorable and sadly their cuteness is used against them. Their parents, who are very poor, are forced to send their kids out to sell crap to tourists. Most of the kids sell postcards and their strategy is to approach you and say, “Mister you buy postcard.” And then they count the postcards. “1, 2, 3… 10.” It’s adorable and sad. When one girl came up to me, attempting to sell me postcards of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples by counting to ten in eight languages, I decided to provide her with another sales strategy. I taught her a Knock Knock joke. I thought it would kill and bring her a fortune. Check out the videos and outtakes to see how it went. Read more

Bus Travel: Everyone Is Always Wrong

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Bus Travel Metaphor

The ladies at the front desk at our hotel told us that the bus to Sulat Thani departed every hour, on the hour, until 4pm. They said it was a two-hour drive.

The taxi driver said that there were no more buses to Sulat Thani. We would have to try again in the morning.

The woman who sold bus tickets at the bus stop wrote the number 16.40 on her hand, indicating that the bus would arrive at 4:40 pm.

It was 2:20 pm. Read more

How Do You Pack For a Three-Month Trip?

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How do you pack for a long trip?

For my trip to Asia, I packed the following items into my 35 Liter bag and small day pack:

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