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Traveling Around Dubai Cheaply

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Boating Traveling Around Dubai Cheaply

While traveling to Dubai can be pricy as the hotels are grandiose and the attractions are all superlatives, once you’re there, moving around the city is very affordable and provides some of the best authentic experiences. Read more

Full Body Scanner: Opting Out

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TSA Full Body Scanner

I decided that after feeling the whoosh of the Full Body Scanner machine at the security checkpoint at airport terminals too many times before, and instructing my pregnant wife that she needed to opt out, I had to do it first. So on my trip to Blog House Toronto and TBEX, I decided that I would opt out. I also thought it would make for a good blog post. Read more

Airport Bathrooms: A Hidden Culture

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Schiphol Airport Bathrooms

I’ve made many stopovers in countries where I’ve seen little more than the airport bathrooms. Even still, I figured I could learn something about the culture inside the terminal. In fact, I learned plenty about the universe from the floor toilets in Hong Kong. So on a trip, where I had two stopovers between Bali and New York there was just enough time to conduct cultural research… in the airport bathrooms. Read more

The ATM Ate My Debit Card

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The ATM ate my debit card

The worst feeling is when I’m traveling a foreign country and I realize that the ATM ate my debit card. It transforms the “Wow, money at my fingertips” feeling to “Holy shit, I have no money at all.”

Read more

Budget Airlines and Their Hidden Fees

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Budget Airlines Tickets Hidden Fees

When I visited Europe back in 2004, I discovered the continent’s budget airlines that would finally relieve me of having to take buses and trains everywhere. By that point in my fifteen-month round-the-world trip, if you had added up the hours, I had probably spent the equivalent of one month on buses and trains. (Point of fact: During my four weeks in Costa Rica, I had traveled 192 hours by bus. That equals eight days.) So when I found the budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet, I got down on my knees and thanked the Wright Brothers for flight and cavemen for introducing the concept of no frills. Read more