The Three Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

After spending a few weeks on the Hawaiian Islands, jumping from hotel to hotel, only three properties seemed to pay any attention to parents struggling along with kids. While some properties on this list below are family-focused, even one adult getaway employed secret tactics to impress those traveling with kids.


The Best Family Hotels in Hawaii


Kaanapali Ocean Resorts and Villas

On Maui, the KORV was ideal for families. Not only did every room have a kitchen, washing machine, and dryer, but the entertainment on property was designed for all ages. KORV had myriad pools for tots, little kids, and teens: some were equipped with slides, others featured pirate ships, and one was reserved for toddlers. (Adults could still escape to the KORV’s wonderful spa.)

Guests could use grills scattered about the property and pick herbs from the garden to better a salubrious meal. The KORV also offered kids club activities and a variety of evening programs like movies under the stars and learning about the night skies from a navigator. One of my favorite things to do on the property was to take my daughter on an outrigger canoe journey.


Best Family Hotels in Hawaii


Grand Wailea

Like KORV, the Grand Wailea is geared toward families, offering myriad pools–a veritable waterpark with slides and lazy rivers spans the property–and hosting numerous evening activities, like nighttime movies that can be viewed from the pool. The hotel also provides free meals to kids under five and on occasion tosses young diners free stuffed animals. (A note: study your bill as most of our daughter’s free meals were still added–as were some other drinkers’ drinks tab–and check the tag of the free stuffed humuhumunukunukuapu’a fish that your child may be given at the restaurant; my daughter’s had been previously owned by another young man who must have tossed his new pet on account of its way too difficult name.) There were plenty of activities for kids during the day, too, though rental prices are not cheap. (I may sound like I’m being a bit tough here, but it really is a great family hotel.)


Best Family Hotels in Hawaii


Trump Waikiki

Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race. Regardless of his politics, he knows little about current events, has an ego far more dangerous than that which is required of a president, and does a good job creating hotels (or at least hiring the people to make his hotel-design decisions). The Trump Waikiki is not a family hotel, not like the KORV or Grand Wailea. But then again, none of the hotels in Waikiki really speak to family focus. However, what the Trump Waikiki does for families is small, unmatched by any of its competitors, and appreciated by parents. Parents will find all sorts of amenities that cost the hotel very little, but speak volumes of consideration. In the crib, a kit of shampoos and diaper creams was provided. A diaper genie, which actually did a terrible job of masking the smell of old diapers, was left in the room. And, poolside, Trump Waikiki offered a pile of swim diapers, which I’ve only ever found for sale at hotel pools, if available at all. All of the rooms also have washer/dryer and a full kitchen. But most impressive, is what parents can request in advance. For those planning a stay at the Trump with a baby, just contact the hotel and they will childproof all of the electrical outlets and provide coloring books and stuffed animals, strollers, and bottle warmers. For kids ages 5 through 12, the hotel offers a kids camp, which provides cultural immersion and tours around the city.


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