The Secret Side of Mont Tremblant

The Secret Side of Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is one of the best ski resorts in the eastern half of North America; there’s no secret there. But the mountain and village have overlooked offerings that can serve as respites from the slopes, provide activities for the kids, or offer diverse adventures. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll wind up experiencing overpriced crap, sort of like that bowl of chili pictured above.


Alpine Trekking and Cross Country Skiing

While bombing downhill might be the best option at Mont Tremblant, there are exciting alternatives that can take you in reverse. Tremblant is one of the few places out east where alpine trekking is offered. Instead of snowshoeing up a mountain and then ambulating back down, alpine trekking offers a similar uphill struggle, but then allows riders to zip down to the bottom on skis. Mont Tremblant also offers up 90 kilometers of cross-country terrain. You can also go dog sledding off property.


The Right Lodge Visit at Mont Tremblant

Taking a break from skiing and snowboarding is often unavoidable, especially when you visit during a negative-twenty spell. But taking the right break can make a huge difference. Instead of riding to one of the lodges serving up stale pizza and questionable chicken wings, pack a few granola bars and head to the partially hidden lodge just off of La Laurentienne. In the afternoon, you can settle in for cocoa or beer and listen to local musicians strum and sing for an hour.


Family Fun

For our entire stay at the resort, I was trying to convince Marissa to let me take our then fifteen-month-old ice skating, which, if you stay at Mont Tremblant is one of three activities offered for free to guests staying on campus. (The other is tubing and first-tracks lift rides, which get you on the slopes forty-five minutes before the rest of the crowds are permitted to tackle the groomers or powder.) Marissa nixed the idea on day one and by day two, I got sick and would have been about as useful on skates as I was in shoes. But the point here is there are activities for the kids when the slopes close. And for parents with little ones, who are still unable to walk in snow gear, you can spend the day at places like Aquaclub La Source splashing around in an aquatic playground.


Drink Right

Most of the bars at Tremblant offer pretty awful beer, consisting of American and Canadian standards. But for some apres-ski done right, in the center of the village, you’ll find Microbrasserie La Diable. Why upset yourself with Coors, which couldn’t even top the hills of Nebraska, let alone the Rockies? At La Diable you can down double blacks (their fine stout) and brave blizzards (their Belgian-style wheat beer). My favorite was the Septieme Ciel, a bitter pale ale. But I would stick to the drinks at La Diable, which offers food as good as any place in Tremblant’s village, which, I’ll assure you, is not very good.

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