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Snowboarding in New York: Windham Mountain

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Snowboarding in New York, Snowboarding Windham Mountain

My favorite line in the film Endless Summer is “You should’ve seen it yesterday.” For those who don’t speak surflish, it means that the waves were epic yesterday and you missed it… bro. So far this winter, I’ve been hearing surflish from the slopes. I had planned on snowboarding in New York over the Christmas vacation, but when I looked into setting up my road trip and clicked on the website for snowboarding Windham Mountain, it said that only twelve trails were open.


The day after I cancelled my trip, I received word from upstate that Windham had received a foot of snow and that all of the trails were open. “Good powder,” my brother wrote, who happened to be snowboarding Windham because his wife was performing there. (She’s a singer.) “30 trails open.” Read more

Surfing Bali

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Uluwatu Surfing Bali

I’ve surfed fifteen countries. As a rule of nature, it is usually flat for a traveling surfer. Some of my best waves required days of waiting out flat spells just to experience one or two days of perfect swell. But Bali is a freakish little dot in the ocean that acts as a wave magnet. For consistency, surfing Bali is a must for surfers looking to stuff their board stocking this holiday season.

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