Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Thailand

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Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Thailand

Outside the gates of Tiger Kingdom, a half hour from Thailand’s second most populous city, Chiang Mai, we watched a woman lay her head against the ribcage of a giant tiger. My wife and I were troubled. Do we enter the cage with the beasts and risk ending our marriage after two and a half weeks? We purchased two tickets. The Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai sign read No Refunds. Read more

Chiang Mai Elephant Camp in Thailand

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Chiang Mai Elephant Camp Thailand

I often worry when I drive roads lined with signs advertising monkey shows, reptile shows, snake shows, bungee jumping, ATV riding, and the like. I smell tourist trap. My trepidation elevates when I enter parking lots packed with taxis, buses, and vans dropping off camera-happy tourists. But when I visited Maesa’s Chiang Mai Elephant Camp, forty-five minutes outside of the city, the sight of endless tourists was quickly supplanted by one of the greatest shows on earth. Read more

Walk San Francisco: A Route Dictated by Burgers, Rain and Tenderloin

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Walk San Francisco for the Clashing Colors


The best way to see a city is by foot. That’s why I decided to walk San Francisco.


Actually, when I first arrived, I decided to run San Francisco. (I had just spent all day in the car from Tahoe and needed to burn off the 1,200 calorie lunch I had ingested at the In N’ Out.) Read more

The Best of Bali

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Best of Bali Bathing Temple

Recently, I received an email from a friend. He and his wife–two spiritually enlightened New Yorkers, one a Buddhist dancer, the other a music zealot–were walking on a Balinese beach. They were on their honeymoon. Enchanted by the island’s beauty, they had failed to note the tide charts. They had walked around a headland and on their return journey, after watching the sunset, they discovered that the waters had risen. They were trapped. My friends spent the night on the beach, waiting for the tide to recede. In most places, this would seem like a misadventure. But after my travels to the island and recalling the island’s beauty and tranquil vibe, I knew that even in misadventure, they were enjoying the very best of Bali. Read more

The Five Best Things To Do in Vietnam

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The Five Best Things To Do in Vietnam

After I returned from Vietnam, I stopped by my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Queens, New York, Little Saigon. I was excited to tell the waiter, Alex, about my adventures in Vietnam, but instead, everything went wrong.

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