The Greenest Hotel in Connecticut

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A Green Hotel in Connecticut

We have long held that there is both outer and inner beauty. Usually these terms are reserved for describing humans; but it’s worth extending this quality to certain buildings, especially those at the forefront of the green movement. Read more

Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas

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Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas Atlantis

One of my more popular posts on this site is about the Tiger Kingdom in Thailand. Guests to the Kingdom pay good money to stand in a cage with these incredible beasts. But controversy surrounds the experience. Some argue that the tigers are drugged; others believe the claims of the Tiger Kingdom, which states that drugs are never used on these animals. (You can read that post’s comment section to get a sense of the conflict.) After swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas, I realized that the comment section of this post might fill up with similar feedback from those who dream of swimming with these majestic creatures to those who consider the experience exploitive of mammals that belong in the wild. (If you do have an opinion, I implore you to leave your comments.) Read more

Uncouple in the Bahamas (Or Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas)

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Win a Free Wedding in the Bahamas“Oh, we must see the restaurant where Gwinny uncoupled,” said the writer who covers celebrities. He was one of my travel companions on my recent trip to the Bahamas. “I must eat exactly what she had and I want to take pictures of the table.” He was quite excited about this Gwinny and this restaurant and this meal and this uncoupling, which was a term I had never heard applied to the kitchen.


Was Gwinny just another celebrity chef? I wondered. Had she discovered a new technique for the uncoupling of oyster shells, perhaps, assuaging the stress on the little body inside, keeping the meat even more delicious? But, no, he had said that Gwinny ordered a meal. I was confused and tired of trying to figure this out. Read more

Arcadia Blank: The Graffiti Artist of Dubai

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Grafitti in Dubai Arcadia Blank

On my way to the gold souk in Dubai, I came across a big yellow box with two pipes running into a much smaller wooden box. The construction site looked crude. On the larger wooden box, someone had graffitied the command “Ask your tour guide about this.” The instructions were underlined and a square-shaped U sat at the bottom as a signature. On the other side of the box was a pair of eyes and thickly raised eyebrows that indicated either fear or shock or doubt. The eyes peered from a burka and had Arabic writing beneath it. Read more

The Curious Case of the Benjamin Franklin Museum

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Benjamin Franklin Museum Philadelphia

The famed statesmen Benjamin Franklin wore many hats. He was a philosopher, diplomat, printer, scientist, and civic planner. But if you pay a visit to the newly revitalized Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia, you’ll not only respect the man more, you’ll appreciate the clever ways of his odd imagination.


In an effort to have the museum appeal to children and adults, the collection offers an array of artifacts and Franklinisms, (though it does not go into any great depth, which Marissa appreciated), and it attempts to provide visitors with a hands-on experiences and even a few laughs. Read more