A Visit to Kalinago Barana Aute

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Kalinago Barana Aute Chief HeadBefore the Kalinago Barana Aute cultural center opened in 2006, the indigenous people of Dominica, many of whom had become banana growers, were feeling the strain of commercial farming. They just couldn’t compete. But in an effort to bring new opportunities to the Kalinagos–the last Caribbean indigenous peoples to remain on a native reservation–and to help preserve a culture that was losing its roots, the cultural center opened in an effort to protect the community and, simultaneously, open the reservation to visitors. Read more

Video: Dominica… The Nature Island

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Dominica The Nature Island


For the next few weeks (or more), I’ll be exploring traveling Dominica, The Nature Island, on Somewhere Or Bust. I figured we’d start things off with a trailer pieced together from some of the footage that I captured while in the country. Enjoy the short film below (or click the link in the last sentence should you encounter any issues with the video).


Dominica: The Nature Island


Best Things to Do in Aruba Begins with a Choose Your Own Adventure

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Best Things to do in Aruba

When Marissa and I first started dating, I always wanted to go out for exotic meals. Marissa liked her Rodeo Bar burgers or Cinema Restaurant salads. She was not the most adventurous eater. I liked Marissa, so I was worried. A girl’s interest in food had been a deal-breaker before. I had once gone on a date with a vegetarian to my favorite restaurant and after realizing that I couldn’t order my go-to dishes, there was no second date. I couldn’t allow Marissa’s diet of burgers and salad to stand in our way. So I devised a game. Read more

A Royal Piece of Crap

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A Royal Piece of Crap: The Worst Hotel in Gothenburg

With the success Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Triology, Sweden–especially the west–has been placed on the map as a literary destination for those readers who indulge in crime novels. Apparently (and unfortunately), some hotels have taken this as a cue to transform their accommodations into settings for this genre.


It was close to midnight when we arrived in Gothenburg. My wife had our infant strapped to her chest; I pushed the pram that was loaded with our luggage over the cobblestones. We were looking for the Hotel Royal. The street was dark and menacingly quiet. Read more

The View From Cwmdonkin Drive

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Dylan Thomas Swansea

When connecting the poet Dylan Thomas with place, he is most often associated with New York’s West Village, the location of his death, and the Welsh village of Laugharne, where his writing shed stood precariously on the cliffs that looked out onto the Taf River and up at Sir John’s Hill. Read more

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