Seawalker: Breakdancing Beneath the Ocean

Seawalker in Bali

I held onto the ladder at the back of the boat. Only my head was above the ocean’s surface. The first mate carried over a seventy-pound Seawalker helmet–which looks like a cross between an astronaut’s helmet and a miniature submarine–and placed it on my head. The weight pushed me under. Below, the heavy headgear lost its weight and oxygen flowed into the globe. The water climbed into the helmet, but stopped at my chin, speaking truth to the Seawalker advertisement–You can wear your glasses or make-up underwater (so long as you keep your head straight).

Seawalker in Bali

I climbed down the ladder and stood on the ocean floor, fifteen feet below the boat. A fish swam below my field of view. I tilted the helmet down to follow the fish. The water in the helmet remained level, but because I had looked down, my face was now submerged (which would have ruined my make-up if I had been wearing any). I righted my head and returned to normal breathing. Through the peripheries of my helmet, the fish were magnified. I had to turn my head to get a clear view.

Seawalker in Bali

I felt like a cross between Darth Vader (on account of the helmet and the constant sound of breathing) and Luke Skywalker (on account of the activity’s name and my Jedi-like ability to jump seven feet into the air and pull off a full break dance routine before landing on the sand).

After my wife reached the bottom, she looked calm for a moment, but then flashed the instructor the thumbs up sign. This does not mean all is well, it means get me back to the boat. Marissa resurfaced. I grabbed onto a metal bar, something Kindergartners could use on a field trip, and we followed our guide in a small circle. She tossed food into the air so that the fish would swim around us and we spent most of our twenty-five minute underwater journey looking at the schools of fish that hung out near a tower of mushroom-shaped coral.

But the fish started to bore me, so I worked on my Jedi skills, leaping sunken Ganesh statues and quoting Neil Armstrong in a Vaderish voice.

Seawalker in Bali

Here are a few videos of me in the Seawalker get up. I realize I look quite ridiculous being led around with a metal bar, clapping my hands together to try and touch a fish, and dancing as I jump, but I’m willing to shame myself for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Disclosure: The Grand Mirage in Nusa Dua, Bali, invited me to try the Seawalker activity, which guests can sign up for in their lobby.

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  1. Shing @ The Culture Map

    Wow – this looks amazing! And your attire certainly does create an unearthly setting of the moon plunging into the pits of the sea!

    • Noah Lederman

      I prefer the costume to an astronaut’s. I feel those spacesuits are pretty stifling. It was a good time though.

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