Riding Elephants and Visiting Hill Tribes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Elephant Riding Chiang Mai Thailand

Our tour guide released us from the back of the songthaew, those flatbed trucks converted into passenger vehicles. We had reached the first site on the tour, just outside the Thai city of Chiang Mai. Gone were the exhaust fumes of city traffic, replaced by a bucolic countryside overrun with buses, vans, and a flood of camera-snappers.

“This is the orchid farm and butterfly exhibit,” the guide said. “But there’s no butterfly that much. You can just drink some coffee at the cafe. We be about twenty minutes.” Read more

The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

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Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

It was Sunday morning in Hong Kong and Ka Ho, a dim sum restaurant on Lok Ku Road, was packed, mostly with elderly locals who sipped bitter black tea and read their newspapers. There were a few hundred people inside, but my wife and I were the only two Westerners. Old Chinese women in red coats and red handkerchiefs wrapped around their heads pushed carts loaded with towers of steaming bamboo baskets or rattled past with stacked ceramic plates. Hidden inside the covered baskets were mysterious dumplings; the plates were loaded with noodles, greens, and croquettes.


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Best Accommodations on the Thai Islands

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Best Hotels and Resorts on the Thai Islands

The islands in the Gulf of Thailand are world famous and travelers flock to them in droves. Though activities for visitors are endless on Koh Tao and Koh Samui, one of the great features of the islands is its restful retreats. The question is: how does one escape the crowds and find the best accommodation?

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Hong Kong’s Top 5 (and Least Expensive) Views

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Best Views in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a city of great views, but these panoramas often double as tourist traps. To experience Hong Kong’s best views, without feeling like you’ve been scammed, here’s a list of lookouts my wife and I visited during our city adventures: Read more

Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Full Moon Party Thailand

Last night was the Full Moon Party (FMP) on Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan. I attended this event, which is why this post will be short and told mostly through photographs. If you’ve ever been to a black-light party in college, where everyone draws on each other’s white t-shirts with hi-lighter then you’ve been to a pre-FMP. But instead of hi-lighters, black-lights, and a few hundred people, the FMP has neon-painted bodies, fluorescent shorts, hi-lighter t-shirts, an actual full moon, and thousands of revelers imbibing mixed drinks and dancing to more than a dozen DJs on one packed beach.

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