Crawling the Cu Chi Tunnels

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Sealing Up the Cu Chi Tunnel

One of the best day trips in Vietnam is the Cu Chi Tunnels. Though nearly one thousand visitors descend into the Cu Chi netherworld each day, during my visit, I didn’t sense the crowd.

“What a crazy bunch of devils,” the narrator on the video said of the US military. Here, one must remember that the Viet Cong are seen as the “heroes.”

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Interview: The Grumpy Traveller

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The Grumpy Traveller

Welcome to the first installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re an adventurer looking for another travel blog (other than Somewhere Or Bust), a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with David Whitley, AKA the Grumpy Traveller. Read more

Video: Knock Knock Jokes in Angkor Wat

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The children around Angkor Wat are adorable and sadly their cuteness is used against them. Their parents, who are very poor, are forced to send their kids out to sell crap to tourists. Most of the kids sell postcards and their strategy is to approach you and say, “Mister you buy postcard.” And then they count the postcards. “1, 2, 3… 10.” It’s adorable and sad. When one girl came up to me, attempting to sell me postcards of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples by counting to ten in eight languages, I decided to provide her with another sales strategy. I taught her a Knock Knock joke. I thought it would kill and bring her a fortune. Check out the videos and outtakes to see how it went. Read more

Trekking Off The Beaten Path in Sapa

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Rice Terraces Sapa Vietnam

“Show me the hike on the map,” I said to Thuy, the skinny guide who was going to lead us into the hills of Sapa.

He traced his finger up a trail line. “First we go this way…” Then his finger lost the line and floated across whiteness to the ending village. “We finish here.”

I thought maybe he had the shakes or was drunk, unable to keep his finger on the black line, but it turned out that the trail maps were poor.

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First Impressions of Sapa

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Sapa Vietnam Rice Terraces

The overnight train to Sapa winds through the darkness of Hanoi and when morning greets the land, outside are endless stretches of flooded, green rice fields. Farmers are hunching over planting seedlings in the pools of water or trudging behind hulking water buffaloes that drag plows through the paddies.

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