Snowboarding in New York: Windham Mountain

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Snowboarding in New York, Snowboarding Windham Mountain

My favorite line in the film Endless Summer is “You should’ve seen it yesterday.” For those who don’t speak surflish, it means that the waves were epic yesterday and you missed it… bro. So far this winter, I’ve been hearing surflish from the slopes. I had planned on snowboarding in New York over the Christmas vacation, but when I looked into setting up my road trip and clicked on the website for snowboarding Windham Mountain, it said that only twelve trails were open.


The day after I cancelled my trip, I received word from upstate that Windham had received a foot of snow and that all of the trails were open. “Good powder,” my brother wrote, who happened to be snowboarding Windham because his wife was performing there. (She’s a singer.) “30 trails open.” Read more

Travel with the Best Podcasts

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Travel with the Best Podcasts Radiolab

One of my favorite ways to road-trip is to travel with the best podcasts. Podcasts are radio on-demand and are a great way to gain wisdom, insight, and inspiration while waiting to get to your destination. Since some of us are taking road trips this coming holiday, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite podcasts. And what better way to get acquainted with the best podcasts on a travel blog than by hearing the hosts’ stories about traveling. I spoke with Robert Krulwich of Radiolab–a show where science meets philosophy and was the first podcast I fell in love with–and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income–which teaches listeners how they can work hard now so they can reap the benefits later. Please enjoy Robert’s Lost in Translation moment in Italy and Pat’s story about finding inspiration in Hawaii. Read more

The Five Best Things To Do in Vietnam

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The Five Best Things To Do in Vietnam

After I returned from Vietnam, I stopped by my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Queens, New York, Little Saigon. I was excited to tell the waiter, Alex, about my adventures in Vietnam, but instead, everything went wrong.

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The Best Things to Do in Philadelphia Sans Plan

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The Best Things to do in Philadelphia

As travelers, sometimes we feel an obligation to see things. I had been to Philadelphia before–once to run a marathon, another time to attend a wedding, and once more to eat a cheesesteak (more or less). On my most recent trip to Philadelphia, I felt like I should see the city, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of planning anything. So instead of reading up on the best things to do in Philadelphia, I strolled the city without purpose or plan and gave command to my stomach and nose. Essentially, I wandered lost in search of great food (and also some incredible history). And luckily, I had the two perfect companions for wandering lost, my wife Marissa and her friend Jess, who could both audition and secure a place on the show The Amazing Race: The Quickly Going in Circles Series.

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Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival and the Bacon Bash

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Whole Hog Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival NYC

When I first heard about the Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival in New York City, I asked myself, “Could you put three finer things together that begin with the letter B?” Since then, I’ve tried and the best I could do was Breakfast Foods, Bloody Mary’s, and Beef Tacos. It doesn’t have the same ring, though. Also, it would be nowhere near as fun as the Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival, which I attended this past weekend. The festival’s Bacon Bash was the first of two sessions housed at La Venue–the fancy name for the brick tunnel that stretches from Eleventh to Twelfth Avenue in Chelsea.

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