Mississippi Avenue: The Finest Street in Portland

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Shopping Mississippi Avenue is Portland's Best Street With cross streets like Failing and Blandena, and a nearby park named Unthank, Portland’s Mississippi Avenue sounds like it would possess the charm of a depressed, mundane road flowing traffic back to downtown remorsefully. And after crossing the Willamette River and journeying through the grimier, more industrial East Portland, one might appropriately second guess their decision to leave the city center. Read more

The Waterfront in Hood River

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Hood River Waterfront Paddleboarding Hood River has always been considered a gateway to the mountains, to the river, and to the beer. But with the recent development of the Hood River waterfront, Oregon’s quaint city has compressed its best offerings to a half-mile strip of premiere restaurants, breweries, cafes, stores, and recreation. And unlike the town proper, it’s actually on the river.

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Cannon Beach: The Best Place to Travel in Oregon with Kids

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Best Place to Travel in Oregon with Kids Cannon BeachWhile Seaside, Oregon, might aim to be the family-friendly option on the state’s coastline with its carousel, amusement rides, and promenade that spans a busy beachfront, it’s an awful place. After fifteen minutes of walking the main strip, I found a coffee shop that was knowingly selling fake eclipse glasses, spotted seven drunks piling into the backseat and trunk of a sedan, crossed paths with a young man wearing a shirt that read “Take Yo Panties Off” in neon pink font, and observed other family-unfriendly events.


For a more family-oriented experience, I’d suggest Cannon Beach.

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The U-Pick Fruit Loop Trail in Oregon

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U-Pick Fruit Loop Trail in Oregon Hood River CountyOne fond memory of my own childhood is of driving to upstate New York to pick apples off the trees. But on the last year that I had visited the orchards, I found no pleasure in the activity. Perhaps it was the year that I had transitioned into adolescence. While I had grown insolent, it certainly didn’t help that the orchard employees had plucked the fruits themselves and had them available only in wooden bins, transforming the back-to-nature event into a three-hour car ride for an outdoor grocery store that sold one product. Gone were the days of apple picking; gone was childhood.

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Kansas: A Series of Lies

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Kansas City

When I was growing up, my grandparents had returned from Kansas with a souvenir mug, which they oddly kept in the bathroom. The mug listed the top ten things to do in the state. The list recommended a visit to the largest ball of twine. I can’t remember the other nine items, but none seemed as exciting as the ball of twine, which spoke volumes about Kansas. From quite a young age, I knew it’d be quite unlikely that I’d ever plan a trip to Kansas. I should point out that I came to that decision despite having nine family members–aunts, uncles, first cousins–living in the state.

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