Eating Indian Food: The Troll, the Mouse, the Samosa

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Eating Indian Food

I recently moved into a new neighborhood and found the most phenomenal Indian restaurant. (Actually Marissa found it, though seeing as her Indian food consumption consists of one dish and naan, I’m the one dubbing it phenomenal.) For some reason, however, the restaurant is trying to repel me. Read more

Looking to Leave Roseau

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The Best Things to do in Roseau in one day, DominicaWhile I was in Dominica’s largest city Roseau, which is more like a quaint little capital that feels like New Orleans without the Jazz or the party or the food, I was looking to leave Roseau. Read more

The Best Things to do in Dominica in 37 Hours

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The Best Things to Do in Dominica

Many people hop down to the islands for a break, but Dominica is a place far different from the other Caribbean nations. With its lush jungle covering most of the country and its rugged terrain, Dominica is a great weekend jaunt for the more adventurous traveler who doesn’t want to spend their holiday focused on sun, sand, and SPF. We at Somewhere Or Bust, always looking to better the New York Times, bring to you the best things to do in Dominica in 37 Hours. Read more

Queens Taste

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Queens Taste

I love the idea of tasting a borough. And of all of the boroughs to taste, Queens, the most ethnically diverse, sounds most delicious. (Tasting Queens also sounds the most regal and ribald, but that’s content for sites like and


Let me begin again: Queens Taste was a raw night. Some of the borough’s most wonderful offerings were served up in the Hall of Science. Read more

Monday Night Brewing: Beer, Babies, and Small Female Dogs

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Monday Night BrewingWhen I was in college, Monday night was just an extension of the weekend. (So too were Tuesday through Thursday.) But when you strap on the tie and white-collar yourself to the corporate world, Funday Mondays go the way of keg stands and funnels. You just don’t do them any more. But down in Atlanta, in a much nicer setting than a frat house basement, a few friends set up a brewery called Monday Night Brewing and things still get corporately wild.

Read more