The Best Things to do on Jeju Island: From the Beautiful to the Strange

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The Best Things to do on Jeju Island

Jeju Island can best be symbolized by the yin and the yang. Everything beautiful on this Korean island, which sits off the tip of the mainland peninsula, is counterbalanced by something incredibly not. As I toured around searching for the best things to do on Jeju Island, I found myself simultaneously impressed and baffled. Read more

The Top Ten Foods in Korea: A Return to Specialization

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Eating Live Eel

Before heading to Korea, all I knew about Korean food was that you could order bi bim bap and bulgogi and jap jae noodles at any Korean restaurant in the United States. But when I arrived in South Korea, no restaurant served every dish; they specialized. There weren’t many Korean restaurants; there were bi bim bap establishments or ginseng chicken soup specialists. As one eater I met said, “If a place doesn’t specialize, they probably aren’t good.” Here’s a look at the top ten foods in Korea, the best banchan that accompanied said dishes, and some stories behind black pig and videos of still-living octopus and live eel:

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Curious Signs in an Airplane Bathroom

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Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


I’m always shocked by the irony of an airplane toilet. It’s one of those places where you can tell that those responsible for posting the signage had no faith in man’s intelligence. Yet at the same time the signs really set the occupant up for failure or criminality.

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Duty Free Flying, Sort Of

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Duty Free Flying“Please enjoy a duty-free flight,” announced the flight attendant. My eyes shut and I smiled at what I hoped would be a true and magical statement. While I love not paying duties, I wasn’t thinking greenbacks. I was praying against brown splats. The plane would only suspend itself in the air for a whole fifty minutes. Sixty-three, the attendant had noted from gate to gate.

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Breakfast in Quebec: In Search of a Decent Meal

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Breakfast in QuebecIt had been a terrible week of eating in Quebec. While things started off well in Quebec City, where steak frite at L’Entrecote Saint Jean was as wonderful as the succulent ribs that fell onto the bacon-topped side Caesar salad at Cochon Dingue, there was a foreboding in the air. The twenty-below temperatures that dipped at night were part of the problem. And venturing out into such frigid conditions with our teething daughter, who had already guaranteed us that she would not sit through a meal, helped us to fail gastronomically. Finally, staying at ski resorts, where good food is as commonplace as Abominable Snowman sightings, made our ingestive experiences as flavorful as a trip to a Soviet-era spice market.

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