From 1,000 Peeps to 1,000 Peaks: Surfing Waikiki and Ukemehame

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Surfing WaikikiSurfing Waikiki presents the version of the sport most akin to the horrors of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you overlook the long-breaking waves and the beautiful, turquoise expanse, all you see is a crowded lineup and you can easily pick out those who are accident prone. Read more

24 Hours in Kyoto

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24 Hours in Kyoto

I had come to Kyoto because of the photographs and the possibility that some ancient Japan could be incubated in a modern city. But when I had arrived, the city of Kyoto seemed like just another hot metropolis. I had had one desire in Tokyo–to find good food–and nothing was different in this second city. However, I had less time: only 24 hours in Kyoto.

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A Night on Japanese Whiskey (and Small Intestines… Again)

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Japanese Whiskey
Once again a plate of small intestines was set before me, even though I had vowed never to travel down that dis-gustatory path. It all began a few years earlier, at an all-you-can-eat parilla in Uruguay, when this tract of “meat” was served up in place of steak. By the end of plate one, I could order no more. But here in Japan, the small intestines bubbled away in a large pan on our table along with udon and cabbage and the miso broth that one of my fellow diners explained “was a very good way to disappear the bad smell” of such a shitty organ. I took a big sip of Japanese whiskey before diving in.

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Surfing Japan: Lost in Translation

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Surfing Japan

I was only in Tokyo for Sunday and Monday, but surfing Japan was a top priority.  Of those two days, however, only the second seemed to promise any swell. A few years prior, I had met a Japanese surfer in Panama; he could only say two words in English: surf and food. When I told him that I wanted to surf in Japan one day, he held up a thumb and said “Chiba. Surf. Enami.” Enami, I figured, from my understanding of the word tsunami and from the constant approval his one thumb kept offering meant “good wave.”

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Best Thing to Do in Tokyo: Ignore Travel Blogs

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Best Thing to do in Tokyo Ramen
Before arriving in Tokyo, I had attempted to plot out my meals. I had enough time for seven. But as I researched the city, a place that has the most Michelin-starred restaurants than any other destination in the world, I began to feel overwhelmed. The best sushi in Tokyo was upwards of $200 per person and closed on Sundays, one of the two full days that I would be in Tokyo. And how did I narrow down the ramen spots? What about kaiseki? Read more