Driving in Korea

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Driving in Korea

I like to write about driving in other countries because quite often I’m curious or intrigued by the things that I see on the road. Read more

Surfing Korea

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Surfing KoreaIt was a calm morning at Gwang-An Beach when I launched my paddleboard into the absence of surf. Since the winds were down and swells small, I paddled away from the beach, which was enclosed by skyscrapers and mountains now blocked by the buildings. The long bridge across Busan straddled the bay and I made the twenty-minute trip to one of the concrete blocks serving as a support. Read more

A Quick Photo Tour Through the Markets of Busan

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The Best Dessert in Korea in the Markets of Busan

This post doesn’t need many words; we’re doing more of a photo tour today. If you have questions about the markets of Busan, ask them in the comments section. Across from the fish market, you can get some awesome doughnuts. That’s about all you need to know. Oh, and Korea does doughnuts quite well. This is a post about fish and doughnuts. Yum. Well together, gross, but yum in separate circumstances.

Read more

Old Man and the Boryeong Mud Festival

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Boryeong Mud Festival

I entered Korea’s Boryeong Mud Festival late; all of the youth were happily slipping and sliding and just caked in the stuff. My t-shirt was still white. Not a good look for anyone at a mud festival, but especially not for me–an old man in his mid-thirties–surrounded by kids nearly half my age. These kids needed the mud because they were stupid; I needed the mud just to fit in. Read more

The Selfie Stick

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The Selfie Stick

When I was traveling through one of Korea’s most popular traditional cities, I can’t recall anything that I saw. I simply don’t remember. I know that I had people-watched. But not the sort of people watching that one does at a cafe, gazing at the locals going about their daily rituals; I watched the other tourists, who were obsessed with their selfie sticks. Read more

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