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Best Brooklyn Restaurants: A Day of Pizza and Roast Beef

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Best Brooklyn Restaurants

Brooklyn, New York, is rediscovering its hey-day, today. Its first period of renaissance took place before the start of the Cold War, when a Brooklyn Dodgers team played on Ebbets Field, when the Parachute Jump operated, when the consequences of ingesting a Nathan’s hot dog was still unknown, when Soviets were not yet the enemy (and not yet the majority population in places like Brighton Beach). Ah, the good old days. But you can still get a taste of that borough by eating at the best Brooklyn restaurants that came onto the scene in the 1920s and ’30s. For this food tour, we’ll focus on South Brooklyn. Read more

Best Taco Tour Through Manhattan

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Best Tacos in New York City A Taco Tour Through Manhattan

It’s not everyday one can claim to have a brilliant idea, but I had one the other week. I texted my friend Eric with this epiphany: “Taco Tour NY.” The mission seemed clear enough: to discover the best tacos in New York City. Read more

Harriman Park Hike… With a Murderer

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Harriman Park Hike with a Murderer Eugene K. Palmer

There was a huge puddle of blood atop the dead leaves that covered the trail. I looked to the right to where a path was cutting across the trail. The splashes of crimson were bigger than footprints. I exhaled, not expecting the gruesome scene as we were hiking Harriman State Park in New York this past November. My breath formed an ephemeral cloud in the cold air. I looked at my friend Greg, an off-duty federal agent, who kept his gun in a small pouch on his chest. Greg studied the blood, too. I wondered how fast he’d be able to draw it, if necessary. How well could he aim and maneuver with a twenty-pound pack? I turned to the left, where a river rushed through Harriman Park. I reexamined the blood. Read more

Thai Monk Chat

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Thai Monk Chat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I read in the guidebooks that you could visit the temples and engage in something called monk chat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Monk chat was described simply as chatting with a monk. We searched a few of the garish temples for monks, but they were always busy. Sometimes I would find a Thai monk receiving handouts from the faithful Buddhists who brought the unemployable holy men buckets filled with essentials. The buckets looked just like the care packages campers received from their parents. When the monks were available to chat, they usually couldn’t speak English. Read more

Hire Your Personal Travatar

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Is your bucket list getting too long? Life getting in the way? Upcoming adventures that you just don’t want to take? Well now, Somewhere Or Bust is offering a distinct new service. You can hire me as your traveling avatar. Welcome to the Personal Avatar Program, where you can send a travatar to experience your next undesirable journey: Read more