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A Day in Watkins Glen

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Watkins Glen Sailing Seneca Lake

Watkins Glen is the main town at the southern tip of Seneca Lake. If there’s one thing you learn about the Finger Lakes, everyone is mighty proud of their body of water. Ask anyone in the area, which lake is biggest and you’ll never receive a straight answer.


“Well, if you mean by shoreline, since Keuka is shaped like a Y, then Keuka Lake is biggest,” said a Keuka Lake local.


“Well, if you mean by volume, then it’s Seneca Lake,” said, you guessed it, a Seneca Lake resident. Read more

Keuka Lake: From Wineries to Fineries

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Finger Lakes Winery Dr. Frank's on Keuka Lake

Most people around the world do not associate New York with wine (or even nature), but the Finger Lakes region has more than one hundred wineries (and some of the most beautiful scenery). While Seneca and Cayuga Lakes boast the greatest number of vineyards, the Y-shaped Keuka Lake, which is the most striking Finger Lake on the map as it’s the only unfinger-like lake, happens also to offer the most striking views, many of which can be enjoyed from the wineries. Read more

City Winery: Music, Wine, and Pregnant Wives

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City Winery

Wine and music lovers cannot claim to be such until they’ve experienced a concert at City Winery. The space, down on the corner of Varick and Van Dam, with its endless oak, is a charming wine hall–like a beer hall, but more elegant and with wine. Servers walk the tables offering tastings, sophisticated chatter fills the room, the menu is dedicated to the grape, including a few pours from City Winery’s cellar (which is on display downstairs), and live music takes over the night. Read more

Floor Toilet: A Guide to Using the Squatty Potty

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Floor Toilet

What would you do if you walked into the toilet and the bowl was sucked into the floor, so that the seat was level with the ground? All over Asia, you will find floor toilets (or if you prefer the squatty potty). Because they flush and are made of porcelain, they are not the expected third-world-country, hole-in-the-ground-toilets, even though they are just holes in the ground. Read more

Best Brooklyn Restaurants: A Day of Pizza and Roast Beef

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Best Brooklyn Restaurants

Brooklyn, New York, is rediscovering its hey-day, today. Its first period of renaissance took place before the start of the Cold War, when a Brooklyn Dodgers team played on Ebbets Field, when the Parachute Jump operated, when the consequences of ingesting a Nathan’s hot dog was still unknown, when Soviets were not yet the enemy (and not yet the majority population in places like Brighton Beach). Ah, the good old days. But you can still get a taste of that borough by eating at the best Brooklyn restaurants that came onto the scene in the 1920s and ’30s. For this food tour, we’ll focus on South Brooklyn. Read more