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The Best Dim Sum in NYC

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The Best Dim Sum in NYC


Ever since I returned from Hong Kong, I’ve had dim sum on my mind. It’s hard not to when my work-day commute and trip to see my parents takes me through America’s third and first largest Chinatowns, respectively. It’s not that carted around dumplings are more delicious than other foods. In fact, in my opinion, Chinese food pales in comparison to other Asian cuisines, specifically Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese. But there’s something pleasantly atavistic about chasing after a dim sum cart, fighting off competitors for your lunch, and then settling down to the convivial spirit of shared eating. Read more

Saint David and the Dylan Thomas Walking Tour

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Dylan Thomas Walking Tour Greenwich Village

On the final night of February, 2014, as New Yorkers prepared for March, a month most connected to spring and St. Patrick, I rode the elevator to the twentieth floor of the Yale Club. In the ballroom that overlooked Grand Central Station, a crowd had congregated to celebrate another patron saint: Wales’s St. David. Even though the gathering had been hosted to remember St. David, most of the attendees focused their talk on a second famed Welshman–the poet Dylan Thomas.


This year marks the centennial of Thomas’s birth. While the poet’s home country is doing much to recognize their lyrical son, New York City, where Thomas had often visited and where he eventually died, is the second best place to better know the poet. Read more

Funny Travel Photos

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Ironic and Funny Travel Photos Cool Abayas with Spikes and Sequins Dubai

When we commute to work, let’s say, we’re not very observant. We multitask between phones and newspapers or we fidget with the radio dial and monitor our road rage. The same goes for when we walk around our neighborhoods. We’re more wrapped up with… Did you see what Bill wrote on Facebook? Did you make sure to retweet Jessica’s controversial statement? We overlook many worthwhile oddities and miss out on the myriad strange encounters that did not include us because we were occuppied. One of the reasons people experience culture shock when they travel is because they commit to being observant. In the past few months, I came across people, attire, tattoos, and the work of flawed taxidermists that made me laugh or left me befuddled. Here’s a collection of funny travel photos or images that captured the irony of our world. Read more

Travel Reflections: 2013

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Walking to Buddha Cave Near Luang Prabang in Xiang Men Laos

2013 was an incredible year for me. It was the first complete year of Somewhere Or Bust and my travel writing brought me to seven states, four countries, and one house crammed with travel bloggers. I wrote for a dozen distinguished publications, including the Boston Globe, Islands Magazine, Virgin’s in-flight magazine, and Snowboard Magazine, to name a few and I also launched my first ebook, which you can still get for free here. (I completed my second ebook, Traveling the Cambodian Genocide, just last week and will release it in a few days…Stay tuned.) Read more

Jewish Christmas in New York

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Jewish Christmas in New York at Mission Chinese

Every December 25th, Jews around the world take part in the traditional Christmas dinner of wonton soup and chow fun. This year, I decided to set up the Jewish Christmas Food Tour for anyone to replicate and conducted a test run at the start of November. Everything began swimmingly.


First, my food-tour-team stopped at Joe’s Shanghai and ordered two bamboo baskets of soup dumplings. The waiters were not happy when we asked for our bill after devouring the dumplings. It amounted to $12 with tax and tip. (But that’s how you eat on a food tour.)


But after Joe’s, much of the rest of the tour fell apart. Read more