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Manhattan Cocktail Classic: A Return to the 1920s

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Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala at the New York Public Library

If, after reading The Great Gatsby, you envied the sort of affairs Jay Gatsby had hosted for his West Egg sybarites, then put this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic—a five-day cocktail festival spread across New York’s boroughs—on the calendar.

Last year’s Classic kicked off on a Friday with an opening night gala held at the New York Public Library. I had high expectations for this “slightly salty black tie affair.” Supposedly, three thousand attendees were going to drink 30,000 cocktails mixed up by 150 of the world’s best bartenders. At the very least, there would be something edgy and alluring about raising one’s voice and imbibing in this hallowed hall of books. (The last time I had entered the building, a guard made me toss a full Starbucks drink and I got shushed in the reading room.) At the very most, I was expecting lavish entertainment and elegant tipplers. But as I walked along the southern edge of Bryant Park, passing by the library’s delivery entrance, I saw paramedics wheeling out a woman who couldn’t quite balance her head. Read more

Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Globetrotter Girls

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globetrotter girls in their digital nomad office in mexico

Welcome to the fourth installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re a reader seeking out the best travel stories, a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with Jess, one half of Globetrotter Girls, who were given a big shout out in my last interview with Adam Groffman of Travels of Adam. Read more

Chinatown in New York, A Food Tour: Flushing, Part Two

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Chinatown in New York, A Food Tour of Flushing, Soup Dumplings

Welcome back for Part II of the Best Chinatown in New York. In Part I, we learned about the best cuisine in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Now buckle down (or unbuckle) for the The Best Chinatown in New York: The Flushing Edition.


This is just a reminder: Rather than stuffing yourself at just one restaurant, treat Flushing’s Chinatown as if it were one big dim sum cart. If you are committing to this mission, here is your food tour of Flushing. Read more

Chinatown in New York, A Food Tour: Manhattan, Part One

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Chinatown in New York Food Tour

Chinatown in New York is busiest from Christmas to New Year’s (that is February’s Chinese New Year’s). It is a time when Midtown Manhattanites need a reprieve from the tourists blocking up the sidewalks. ‘Tis also the season for Jews to have their Christmas Chinese feasts. And of course, wherever the locals go, so too do the travelers.


Most people are familiar with Manhattan’s Chinatown, the biggest in North America. But one of the next largest Chinatowns is also in New York, in an area of Queens called Flushing. For these reasons, here is my two part series: Chinatown in New York: A Food Tour of Two Chinatowns. Read more

Santa Con

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Santa Con

Last year, I attended Santa Con in New York City. It was a last minute decision and all I had for a costume was a La Chouffe elf’s hat. To make matters worse, the friend who I went with was dressed up as a Twenty-First Century Scrooge–jeans and a winter coat.

This Saturday, December 15, marks Santa Con 2012, which will take place again in New York City, as well as numerous other states and fourteen other countries. (Santa Con will also be held the weekend after in many more cities, including Long Island.) Here’s a list of the dos and don’ts of Santa Con. Read more