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Slowing Down on Skis

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Skiing with KidsWhen my eldest daughter was three, I had asked her if she wanted to surf. The idea excited both of us. After all, she enjoyed flicks like Lilo and Stitch, where a destructive, koala-like extraterrestrial takes well to the waves. For me, surfing is my sport of choice.


Some people said that three was too young, but I was just eager to get her on a board.

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Bad Jokes Told By Americans in Germany

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When all of…



You will all…



That’s all, folks. I’m outta here. Thanks for reading. Come back, ya hear.




Jews in Germany and 500 Years of Beer Purity Laws

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For years, any time my father saw someone crack open a Miller High Life, he felt obliged to tell one of his preferred stories about the stupid tour guide at the brewery who, to this day, irritates him greatly. Here’s how my father tells it:


“This kid was showing us around the Miller brewery and pointed up at six-pointed star on the building. He asked us if we knew what the star represented and I answered, ‘The Star of David.’ The stupid tour guide told me that I was wrong; that it represented the six ingredients. The founder of Miller left Germany. He was probably a Jew in hiding. That kid: what an idiot.” (My father probably meant anti-Semite.) Read more

Driving in Germany

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Driving in GermanyI’m not a big fan of driving. So I wasn’t thrilled when I discovered that I needed a rental car to get around Germany.


As a commuter in New York, I notice a common trend: every sixth driver is a moron, and every fifth driver an asshole. (I’d say I’m probably underreporting and also not taking into account douche bags.) In my daily data collection, the morons and assholes typically drive German cars: Audis, BMWs, and Mercedeses (that doesn’t sound right). (The douche bag will usually drive a pick-up truck, which are no longer purpose-driven, or a Lexus.)

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Bethpage Polo at the Park

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Bethpage Polo at the ParkThe thought of polo always rubbed me wrong. I used to play water polo at the University of Maryland. And while I’ve grown used to smiling off clever people who like to ask me where I parked my ark, I always found myself straining when that same sort of quick wit led that same sort of person to ask me where I parked my horse. Read more