One Hour in St. Martin: A Layover in Paradise

One Hour in St. Martin Layover Paradise

After our island-hopper flight skipped from St. Barth into St. Martin, Marissa and I had four hours before our big jet airliner was scheduled to depart for New York. Instead of sitting in the airport, we figured that we could get at least one hour in at the beach. We filled out the customs forms to enter St. Martin and made a beeline for the sea.


How did you hear about St. Martin? the form asked.


Uh, we looked at our tickets to St. Barth and realized that you existed, as we were forced to stop here, I thought. But I wrote, A map.


The rest of the questions made St. Martin feel like the rejected island of the Caribbean. St. Martin asked visitors for their email address immediately in the same way a socially awkward traveler on a group trip will ask for your contact information before the trip even commences.


One Hour in St. Martin


Marissa and I left the airport, turned left, walked about ten minutes down the road, and ended up at a beach that was surrounded by bars that sold cheap beer. For a beach just next to the airport, where signs warned about the dangers of jet blast, it was quite crowded. Nonetheless, the turquoise waters were beautiful. Still I wondered why so many people had come to this beach where planes soared overhead.


Then, in the distance, I saw one such plane. It began as a metallic speck and grew in size as it approached. On the beach, everyone hustled to grab their cameras and iPhones. And that’s when I realized the draw of this little beach beneath the airport. Check out this video below.



Flying to St. Martin


Planes Landing in St. Martin

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3 Responses to One Hour in St. Martin: A Layover in Paradise

  1. Juliann

    Very cool. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of leaving the airport with only a one-hour layover, but looks like I would have missed out. I need to remember that!
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    • Noah Lederman

      It was an easy airport to exit and the attractions were close. If I were to fly into a big city where everything was a cab ride away, I’d probably nix the idea.


    If you have a layover between your international location and home, book an itinerary that has at least an hour layover at your first port of entry so you give yourself enough time to get through customs, immigration and security. I ve had two hour layovers where I barely make it to my next flight as the immigration line was so long and I had a flight delay

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