Video: Monkey Like Banana

Angkor Wat Monkey

The last time we visited with the kids of Angkor Wat, I taught one little girl a killer strategy to improve her sales–the favored knock knock joke. The problem is that not all of the kids took my advice. In the first video of a young lady trying to sell me bananas for the monkeys near Angkor Wat, her approach was to whine until I bought her produce. There was one kid, however, willing to take his salesmanship to the next level–see video two. He sang me a song about monkeys and bananas in order to secure me as a customer. (If you’re having trouble viewing any of these videos, just click on the link here.)

Not only does the girl bother me–the client–she’s also harassing the creature central to the success of her business.

And here she is fighting her brother who successfully sang his way to a sale.

And if you didn’t get enough of my little friend’s whining, here’s another one.

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