Monday Night Brewing: Beer, Babies, and Small Female Dogs

Monday Night BrewingWhen I was in college, Monday night was just an extension of the weekend. (So too were Tuesday through Thursday.) But when you strap on the tie and white-collar yourself to the corporate world, Funday Mondays go the way of keg stands and funnels. You just don’t do them any more. But down in Atlanta, in a much nicer setting than a frat house basement, a few friends set up a brewery called Monday Night Brewing and things still get corporately wild.

Monday Night Brewing


With more than a hundred ties hanging on the wall, in a symbolic gesture to reclaim one’s social life, Monday nights at Monday Night Brewing is the best place to spend the hours after that first day back at work. Ten bucks buys you six tastes, which includes enough IPAs and hop-filled beers to make this writer happy. While tastes are substantially more than the dribble served up at most tasting rooms, the pint glass that they distribute with your tasting ticket is never filled more than halfway.


“Sorry, there’s a law that states we can’t fill up your pint glass all the way,” says every bartender. (If I worked at Monday Night, my preferred line would be, “Look at it as half-filled.” Yet, if some smart ass bartender disguised his sarcasm with preachy optimism, I’d probably say, “Now that you’ve reclaimed your Monday Nights, maybe you should reclaim your testicles and fill my glass all the way, please.” How about that for a zinger? If the bartender were a girl, I’d have no good lines and just slide my pint glass forward sheepishly.)


Disclaimer: I couldn’t completely reclaim my Monday night (nor would I want to), as I am a father of a wonderful sixteen-month-old girl. But Harper was good enough to join me at the brewery. And I was a responsible parent, making sure that I used all of her drink tickets because babies can’t drink beer. That’s rule number three of parenting, by the way. It goes change babies when diapers are wet, feed babies a wholesome diet, and babies don’t drink beer. Read any good parenting book if you don’t believe me. And while you might wonder who brings a baby to a brewery–there were a few by the way–I think everyone wants to know who’s the wise guy that let this dog into Monday Night?


Baby vs. Dog

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  1. Rozy Levine

    Enjoyed your story. Especially, the picture of Harper with the tiny maltese dog.

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