Mommy and Baby Massage

Getting a Spa Treatment with a Baby

The most incredible thing to ever happen to my infant in her first ten weeks of life, besides that whole birth thing, was her massage at the Omni’s Mount Washington Resort spa. My wife, Marissa, and I had massages scheduled for early on a Saturday morning. The hotel was also providing us with a babysitting service.


“I don’t know how I feel about this,” Marissa said, as the prospect of leaving our child for the first time in the hands of a stranger was starting to become real and frightening.


“It will be fine,” I said, wanting her to enjoy our massage, a therapy we hadn’t indulged in since our honeymoon in Southeast Asia.


“I don’t know.” She chanted the phrase like a mantra once the morning of our treatment had arrived. Then, when we read the fine print of our day’s itinerary, we realized that the babysitting service was not at the spa, but at the ski mountain down the road from the Omni. “There’s no way I’m leaving her at a ski resort. I thought it was in the spa’s nursery.”


I called the spa to express our concerns. “I know that this is going to sound like a ridiculous request,” I began, “but is there any way that we could bring our baby into the massage room?”


“We want to accommodate you,” said the spa’s manager, “but the problem is, while our rooms are very quiet, they are not soundproof. If your baby starts to cry, it could affect other people’s treatments.”


I understood completely, but I needed to get Marissa in and I could tell that she wasn’t abandoning our child, (which turns out to be one of five positive traits a mother can have, just ahead of waiting on line at Staples during the first week of school and just after arriving on time for scheduled feedings). Of course, I could sacrifice my own massage, but the whole spa visit was set up so that I could write about it. Luckily for me, I could not make the chivalrous sacrifice. I pressed a bit harder and promised the manager that if our daughter cried, we would spring up, grab the baby, and race her out into the lobby.


The manager hesitated, but conceded. We arrived a few minutes late for our 10:00 am massages, and since the treatment room had been reserved by another patron for the 11 o’clock hour, we had to race into the changing rooms–Marissa, Harper, and stroller into the women’s, I into the men’s. After changing into my robe, I entered the lounge area, where other robed men sipped tea and relaxed on cushioned lounge chairs. My masseuse stood at the door. She invited me down the hall and into a room. There was only one bed.


“Where’s my wife and child?” I asked.


As there was only one bed, the answer was clear enough. Marissa would be receiving her treatment in another room. And if Harper fussed, Marissa, on her own, would have to take responsibility to the detriment of her massage. But, as with any great massage–one with a heated table, the scents of oak wood, and the lumberjack-strength of a masseuse in logging country–my concerns were kneaded away.


When my treatment was done, I expected to find Marissa in the lobby, rocking a disgruntled newborn. But when I walked outside, Marissa and Harper were nowhere to be found. I could understand getting kicked out of the treatment, but the lobby, too? She must have unleashed lungs we had never heard before. But then, in one of those story-book-endings for new mothers, mommy and baby emerged from the women’s changing area, one purring, the other smiling.


“How did she do?” I asked.


“She did great,” Marissa said. “As soon as we got into the room she started to make that noise where I knew she would cry, but my masseuse”–a woman who had introduced herself earlier as a grandmother–“asked me if holding Harper would quiet her down. So I picked her up and cuddled with her on the massage table. And we had the best treatment ever.”


Mommy and Baby Massage Take Away


While most people might think bringing a baby into a spa is counterproductive, for those of you who would like to try a mommy and baby massage, I suggest pressing the issue. Of course, this service is not widely available, but if you offer up a quick exit strategy and are willing to forgo your treatment in the event of an uncontrollable wail, some spas may say yes. More importantly, spa owners, if you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the competition, create one soundproof room and offer mommy and baby massages.


Note: Happy Birthday to the best Mommy ever.



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  1. ana moana

    Baby massage is something new, but it sounds great. I work with Personal Massage London and know a little about massage, but baby massage is something any mom should know about. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thomas Masseur London

    Very informative article. I am glad I have noticed your post as sometimes I do get a request from young mothers to also perform a massage on whole family. It is good to learn some basic techniques from videos as well.

  3. Michelle

    Massage is a great way to make you feel closer to your baby..great article.

  4. Victoria therapist

    Hey, thanks for the great story, I had a massage booked once by a mother with her baby in the room and it was completely okay both baby and mommy left happy and smiling!

  5. pankajpatel171

    Thank You for this post. Massage is the really best way to relieve the stress of mother.

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