Misadventures in Southeast Asia: A Free Travel Ebook

A Free Travel Ebook Misadventures in Southeast Asia

As a big thank you for reading Somewhere Or Bust, I’d like to offer you my first travel ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia. And it’s free.


All you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter, (which will probably only come out four times a year. It offers cool content and tips that won’t appear on the blog). After you subscribe, make sure to confirm your subscription, (which will arrive via email), and then the free ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia, is all yours. It’s that easy. Just fill out this simple form.

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Need More Reasons to Get the Free Travel Ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia.


I want to keep this post short, since you’ll have a lot of great stories to read in the ebook. But if you need more convincing, click here to read about promises of beer, fun social media exercises that you can participate in to help promote the ebook, and praises from readers, editors and my grandmother.


If you’re already convinced and don’t feel like clicking on the above link, but still want to help me promote the ebook here is a pre-written message you can use on Twitter:


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Get the free travel ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia, written by Noah Lederman of Somewhere Or Bust. I just read it on the __________ and it made me ____________.


(Use words like “bus,” “beach,” or “toilet” in the first blank. For the second blank try phrases like “excited to travel,” “laugh until I could no longer see straight,” or “invest in a bunker as the world is a scary place.”)


Thank you for your help and for your interest in my free travel ebook.



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