Interview: Travels of Adam

Interview Travels of Adam

Welcome to the third installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a second travel blog, a reader seeking out tales of distant lands, a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with Adam Groffman, the self-described hipster who writes the blog Travels of Adam.

Travels of Adam on Misadventures

Describe your greatest misadventure.
I’m a notoriously bad travel planner which is a bit funny considering I travel so much. But there have been a few times where it’s nearly gotten me into trouble and yet I still manage to scrape by. When leaving Israel for India, I put off my visa application for so long, that by the time my flight out of the country came around, I still hadn’t received a travel visa! And because of my lack of planning, I had left my flight for the very last day I was eligible to be in Israel. So inevitably I had to overstay my Israeli tourist visa while waiting for my visa for India, and of course paying the fees associated with rebooking a flight. Sometimes researching beforehand can save you serious hassle and money. Luckily I didn’t get in trouble when exiting Israel for overstaying my visa, but it could’ve been a big problem.
Have you ever run into trouble abroad because of your sexual orientation?
In countries where it would be a problem, I’m a lot less open with strangers about being gay. But I’ve never personally had a problem except for feeling uncomfortable… In India, I didn’t always feel comfortable revealing my sexuality. And though I recently visited a gay bar in Jordan, I still wasn’t always entirely forthcoming with my sexuality unless I felt comfortable with my surroundings. There was a great post about a similar backpacker’s experience on GlobeTrotter Girls.

The Life of a Hipster

What makes you a hipster and has that ever come in handy in a foreign country?
For me, a hipster is a young(ish), open-minded individual interested in finding the trendiest things as well as learning and exploring the world around them. Whether that’s someone who lives and explores close to home, or someone who goes far and away, I’m happy to identify as a hipster. I tend to buy into the big trends—whether it’s smartphones, t-shirts or shoes.
While traveling around the world I think those people who are more likely to break out of their comfort zone and seek out locals’ opinions on things to do or places to eat could more often than not be considered hipsters. Hipsters tend to skew to the more artsy/creative fields, and I’ve made a point of seeking out local artists or galleries when traveling.
What projects are you currently working on?
I’m currently on my “Great American Hipster Project”—traveling 7 weeks through North America visiting a lot of different cities to discover the coolest cultural things to do in each. After that, this winter I plan to take some much-needed language courses.

On Blogging, Boozing, and Bizarreness

What advice can you give to new travel bloggers?
I owe a lot of my success to social media. I also started my blog when there were fewer meetups around and actually arranged two travel/Twitter meetups in Boston so that I could meet others who were interested in the same things. It was a great way to meet people in the same boat. Couchsurfing is notoriously useful for these kinds of meetups.
What blogs and books are you reading these days? How have they affected you?
Well, I’ve really gotten into the food & culinary scene recently and have been reading quite a bit about that. When I was in Rome this summer, I took a food tour (this one), and have been pretty much obsessed with food tours ever since. I’ve been following that company’s Italian food blog, but also my friend’s vegan world recipe blog, The Lotus and Artichoke. I’m also re-reading The Great Gatsby again (for like the millionth time). Getting excited about the pending movie release!
Which world leader from the 1980s or 90s would you like to have a beer with?
Jimmy Carter! He seems like a nice guy despite all his political troubles…and he’s got some really deep thoughts about the Israeli-Palestinian issue so I’d be interested to hear more.
What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten?
Fertilized duck egg—balut. It was in Vietnam and though it’s tough to look at, it was delicious! Here’s a short video of me when I tried it for the first time.
What’s your favorite expression or word that you’ve learned while traveling?
I like to say “yalla” (let’s go/hurry up) which I picked up when living and traveling through the Middle East.
Which of your posts do you love best?

I really love this post that I wrote after finishing my RTW trip. I wrote it from memory and it was a fun one to write, but also an important one. I wouldn’t be anywhere without all the amazing and interesting people I’ve met along the way: Thank you to all the people

Travels of Adam Interview

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