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Welcome to the seventh installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re a reader seeking out the best travel stories, a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with the dancing travel blogger Mickela Mallozzi of Travel Bare Feet.


Travel Bare Feet on Dance


What inspired you to create such a niche travel blog?

I’m a dancer by profession, and whenever I would travel on my own, I would naturally seek out local festivals and celebrations.  At each of these events, I would approach complete strangers who were dancing and I would ask them to teach me.  I’ve found that locals are very responsive to someone interested in their dance and music culture; it is a great way to connect with people.  Those experiences are what inspired me to start the blog and the Bare Feet™ Web Series.


What’s your most memorable dance in a foreign country?

So far, my most memorable dance has been learning the tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The first day my crew and I arrived in the city, we headed to a small milonga located in the Boedo neighborhood. Prior to the party, I met Fernando Bietti, owner and co-founder of Zona Tango Milonga (which he runs out of his Victorian apartment).  Fernando embraced me and we started to really dance.  That was a magical moment. I was having a conversation through dance with a complete stranger who then became a good friend by the end of the trip!  This moment will be part of our Bare Feet™ in Buenos Aires series, which will air in March!


If you were only allowed to dance one dance for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?

Though I am absolutely obsessed with learning dances from all over the world, my favorite dance is ballet.  I am not shaped like a ballerina, but ballet is a form that my body grew up with. I use ballet to re-align my body when it is out-of-whack. It’s great for muscle strengthening, flexibility, and also self-awareness with the body (if done correctly).  I also love petit allegro, fast, quick movements like jumps with triple beats and fitting as many pirouettes into the music as possible.  I not only use ballet for physical exercise, but for mental exercise as well.  It keeps me focused and balanced.


Which of your posts do you love best?

One of my favorite posts is Discovering The Riches of Puerto Rico. I recently was sent to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I discovered bomba y plena, an African-Boricuan style of music and dance.  It was an incredible experience where I, along with six other vloggers, had 24 hours to film and 12 hours to edit videos featuring our own take on the island.  This post not only introduces my approach to the trip, but it also includes my video, which won the Viewer’s Choice Award and the Facebook Choice Award!  I plan on returning to Puerto Rico later this year to feature more dance, including salsa.


Interview Mickela Mallozzi


Travel Bare Feet on Travel


Describe your greatest misadventure.

I was flying back from Italy about five years ago on a discounted international airline. (I don’t think they are even in business anymore.) My flight was supposed to leave from Rome at 10:30am, so I arrived at the airport at 8am.  When I arrived, I found out that my flight was delayed until 11:59pm that evening.  Each passenger was given a hotel room for the day at the adjoining Hilton and a voucher for lunch.  I checked in to the hotel, dropped by bags off in my room, ate my free lunch, and boarded the free shuttle bus from the Hilton, which dropped me off right in the heart of Rome at Piazza Venezia.  I had an unexpected extra day alone in one of my favorite cities and had an incredible adventure. I visited hidden churches; I found an art gallery opening; I walked through parts of the city that I never had time for; and I even crashed a family reunion in a city park.  Best time I ever had in Rome.


What projects are you currently working on?

My 2013 calendar is quickly filling up with trips including Aruba, Ireland, and maybe Jordan.  But what I’m most excited about is working on creating the Bare Feet™ Tours.  Starting later this year, I am partnering up with local tour operators to offer tours based on the Bare Feet™ Web Series episodes. If you watch my series and you are inspired to travel and dance yourself, you can have your own Bare Feet™ adventures. Stay tuned!

Interview Mickela Mallozzi


Travel Bare Feet on Blogging and BS


What advice can you give to new travel bloggers? 

Find something you absolutely love and write about it.  When I first started Bare Feet™ in 2010, people kept telling me I was too niche.  But I didn’t care because I was writing about something that I was truly passionate about.  I kept true to my mission and the dedication has paid off, leading me to create a web series and a successful site where I share my experiences to a growing audience.


What blogs and books are you reading these days? How have they affected you?

I am an avid reader of Travel+Leisure Magazine as well as AFAR Magazine.  When I want to be swept away to luxurious travel destinations and read rich, detailed stories of travel experiences, I pick up a copy of T+L.  When I’m in the mood to read highlights from all corners of the globe with insightful yet concise information (with lots of great photos) I grab AFAR.  I also love fiction. One of my favorite writers is Salman Rushdie, who loves to blend skewed historical facts and characters with completely mystical beings.  It gives his stories that magical touch. His writing is a challenge for me, which is why I love reading his work. I think this blend of elaborate detail along with personal experience really influences my own writing.


If you were stuck on an island for a week, what three things would you want to have with you?

Besides the obvious like food and water, I would want the following:

A pen, a notebook, and a camera (with enough battery life to last the week).


What’s your best strategy for saving money on the road?

Hotels can be expensive, so if you plan to visit a destination for at least a week, consider renting an apartment or staying at a bed and breakfast.  Use public transportation when it is available.  It also gives you a great sense of how a city works, along with some fantastic people-watching opportunities and chances to meet some interesting characters in a new place.  Visit local food markets and buy food to prepare yourself. You save money and eat like a local.


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    Nice one on the extra day in Rome! I would have done the same 🙂

    • Noah Lederman

      Does everyone crash family reunions in Rome? If so, I’ll try that today on my trip to Little Italy.

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