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Interview Never Ending Voyage

Welcome to the eighth installment of the 4,007,236 part series Are There Any Other Travel Bloggers? Whether you’re a reader seeking out the best travel stories, a blogger wanting to learn the ins and outs of the industry, or someone who enjoys ridiculous questions where answers lack relevancy, you’ll like this segment. This week I spoke with Erin, one half of the digital nomad team at Never Ending Voyage.


Never Ending Voyage on Traveling


Which of your posts do you love best? Why?

It’s difficult to choose but I do love Simon’s illustrated posts such as Bolivian Bus Hell. Our recent Slow Travel Manifesto sums up our philosophy on travel, and I also love The Benefits of Selling Everything You Own as it has had such an impact on people—even non-travellers who just want to feel less burdened by stuff.


Why did you and Simon decide to become digital nomads?

We travelled the world for a year in 2007-8 and we experienced more in one year than we had in the previous ten. We wanted to keep exploring the world and we also wanted more freedom and control over our own lives and not spend them stuck inside an office for an arbitrary number of hours.


Have you ever been a victim of a crime while overseas?

On our first round the world trip we had our ATM card details stolen somehow and a large amount of money was taken from our account. Luckily the bank refunded it to us. Since we’ve been digital nomads we had a near-miss mugging in Rio de Janeiro but we didn’t lose anything or get hurt, and in Costa Rica we were pickpocketed on a bus. Considering that we’ve only lost $30 in three years of travelling, we think that’s pretty good.


Where are you traveling to next?

We are in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for the next month or so and are considering going to Cuba after that, as well as exploring more of Mexico.


sInterview Never Ending Voyage


Never Ending Voyage on Travel Blogging


How has creating an ebook helped your blog’s reach?

Subscribers to our newsletter have grown dramatically (our list is now seven times larger than it was before we released the ebook), and our traffic has definitely increased too. I think it establishes us as knowledgeable about South America and has helped us reach new people and provide a useful resource for those travelling to the continent.


I just started using Stumbleupon more frequently and I’ve stumbled upon your page multiple times. (Note: Since this question was asked, I’ve stepped back from using Stumbleupon because I just don’t get it and it didn’t seem to work for me.) What’s your trick?

I followed other travel bloggers so that we could share content with each other, which helps give your posts a good start. Photo posts and list posts tend to do well in Stumbleupon, but honestly it’s all quite random.


What are some of the travel apps that you’re working on?

We are currently working on  Trail Wallet, our travel budget app that helps travellers track their expenses quickly and easily, and stick to a daily budget. We do have plans for more apps but haven’t decided which one will be next yet.


How have you leveraged your travel blog to bring in the most income?

We didn’t monetize the blog until we’d been blogging for about 18 months and have built up a good audience. We now make money from it primarily from advertising. We also work with tourist boards, hotels and tour companies on sponsorships.


Interview Never Ending Voyage


Never Ending Voyage on books, beers, and beyond.


What blogs and books are you reading these days? How have they affected you?

Some of our favourite travel blogs are by other digital nomads like the Globetrotter Girls (read their Somewhere Or Bust interview, too), Uncornered Market, Wandering Earl and Legal Nomads.


Reading The Selfish Gene made Simon think a lot about the notion of consciousness as a separate thing to our physical bodies and emotional drives, a point driven home in the polar opposite The Book: On The Taboo on Knowing Who You Are which explores the nature of the individual in a fundamentally interconnected universe.


Which world leader from the 1990s would you like to have a beer with? Why?

Tony Blair, so we could warn him that whatever good things he does he’ll only be remembered for the bad if he goes to war with Iraq.


What’s your favorite expression or word that you’ve learned while traveling?

“Si a todo” – “Yes to everything”. We learnt this from reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace and think it’s the perfect philosophy for travelers. We don’t always apply it, but when we do it leads to great experiences.


Twitter: @NevEndingVoyage

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