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Eating Camel in Dubai

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Eating Camel in Dubai


I tend to feel like a stranger in a strange land until I familiarize myself with a country’s cuisine. And I don’t mean ordering Pad Thai in Bangkok because I could simply walk down most streets in Manhattan and find this noodle dish, (albeit for ten times the price). I like to eat whatever it is that Americans don’t usually classify as food. So in Thailand, I ate Thai-spiced grasshoppers and beetles and whirligigs. Down Under, I went over the top on kangaroo. In Fiji, I sipped Kava with the locals, who honored me (or mocked me) with the title of Kava King. (Only in Peru was I less daring and avoided devouring the relatives of my second grade classroom pet: Sam the Guinea Pig.)


On my recent trip to Dubai, my stomach would not settle until I ate something unique to the region. Read more

The Downtown Indianapolis Restaurant Tour

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Cerulean Duck Fettucini Indianapolis at Best Downtown Indianapolis Restaurant

Though downtown Indy is small, there are a number of great restaurants in the city center. Here are five downtown Indianapolis restaurants worth checking out. Read more

Bourbon and Butchery

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Manhattan Cocktail Classic at Cannibal NYC


“We can’t butcher it till it has a name,” said the chef at The Cannibal, a Murray Hill bar, which also has a full butcher shop.


“How about Freddy?” someone decided for the rest of the crowd.


“Okay, Freddy,” said the chef, grabbing the small pig by the front and rear legs, examining all of its parts. Read more

Texas Chili Cook-Off NYC Style

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Lone Star Texas Chili Cook-Off NYC

Last spring, I needed to kill some time between two cocktail events, so I had walked down to the South Street Seaport. When I turned a corner, I overheard a commotion of Texas accents. I asked about the gathering. “A Texas Chili Cook-off in Manhattan,” one of the red-faced festival-goers said, strangely pronouncing the city’s name as if it were a man named Hattan. (Perfection would have been one good Yee-Haw, but it didn’t happen.) Read more

Restaurant Ratings NYC: What to do When Your Favorite Restaurant Gets a C

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Restaurant Ratings NYC

I just received some horrible news. Two of my favorite restaurants in New York City received a C grade during their last health inspection. These restaurants are the original Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing and the newest, most elegant of the Pio Pios. The one on Manhattan’s Tenth Avenue. Read more