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The Downtown Indianapolis Restaurant Tour

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Cerulean Duck Fettucini Indianapolis at Best Downtown Indianapolis Restaurant

Though downtown Indy is small, there are a number of great restaurants in the city center. Here are five downtown Indianapolis restaurants worth checking out. Read more

Bourbon and Butchery

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Manhattan Cocktail Classic at Cannibal NYC


“We can’t butcher it till it has a name,” said the chef at The Cannibal, a Murray Hill bar, which also has a full butcher shop.


“How about Freddy?” someone decided for the rest of the crowd.


“Okay, Freddy,” said the chef, grabbing the small pig by the front and rear legs, examining all of its parts. Read more

Texas Chili Cook-Off NYC Style

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Lone Star Texas Chili Cook-Off NYC

Last spring, I needed to kill some time between two cocktail events, so I had walked down to the South Street Seaport. When I turned a corner, I overheard a commotion of Texas accents. I asked about the gathering. “A Texas Chili Cook-off in Manhattan,” one of the red-faced festival-goers said, strangely pronouncing the city’s name as if it were a man named Hattan. (Perfection would have been one good Yee-Haw, but it didn’t happen.) Read more

Restaurant Ratings NYC: What to do When Your Favorite Restaurant Gets a C

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Restaurant Ratings NYC

I just received some horrible news. Two of my favorite restaurants in New York City received a C grade during their last health inspection. These restaurants are the original Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing and the newest, most elegant of the Pio Pios. The one on Manhattan’s Tenth Avenue. Read more

Food Truck Festival: An Intrepid Day of Eating in NYC

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Food Truck Festival

Ever since I heard of the Vendy Awards, when the best food carts in New York City park on Governor’s Island for a drive-by feeding and to receive their honors, I knew that my bucket list had formed one new, unchecked box. But the Vendy’s are in September, at the end of summer, a time when I’m less inclined to desire mobile staples. After all, I had just spent the preceding warm months frequenting these trucks and carts. The best time to have a food truck festival in New York would be the spring, when the weather has warmed and we are finally willing to line up for a transportable taco or some other moveable munchie. Choice Streets answered that calling. I made sure to attend this second annual food truck event, hosted on Pier 86, where the Intrepid is docked. Read more