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Best Charleston Brunch

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Best Charleston Brunch

One of the highlights of any trip to the South is Southern cooking. Besides New Orleans, Charleston, South Carolina, is a must for any foodie. And the best meal is a Charleston brunch. After eating through most of the city, I was able to uncover the best Charleston brunch and some pretty solid back-ups. Read more

The Four Best Markets in Thailand

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Best Markets in Thailand

One thing you’ll discover as a traveler to Southeast Asia is that the region is filled with an myriad markets. At first, they feel unique and vibrant. But after awhile they all start to look the same same, but different (which is a shirt you will see at every other stall in every single market across that part of the continent.) However, there are a few markets in Thailand that are not to be missed, because they are authentic and serve up some of the most unforgettable cuisine. Here are the best markets in Thailand: Read more

Best Steak in New York: The Steak House Stakeout

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Best Steak in New York

As a steak-lover and New Yorker, I felt obliged to seek out the best steak in New York. Here are the results of this delectable and sumptuous journey. Read more

Searching for the Best Restaurant in San Francisco

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Best Restaurant in San Francisco


One of the best ways to know a city is to taste it. During my second visit to San Francisco–one of my top 5 favorite cities in the United States–I decided that I wanted taste to be the prevailing sense that influenced my future memories of the city, so I sought out the best restaurant in San Francisco. Read more

Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival and the Bacon Bash

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Whole Hog Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival NYC

When I first heard about the Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival in New York City, I asked myself, “Could you put three finer things together that begin with the letter B?” Since then, I’ve tried and the best I could do was Breakfast Foods, Bloody Mary’s, and Beef Tacos. It doesn’t have the same ring, though. Also, it would be nowhere near as fun as the Beer Bourbon BBQ Festival, which I attended this past weekend. The festival’s Bacon Bash was the first of two sessions housed at La Venue–the fancy name for the brick tunnel that stretches from Eleventh to Twelfth Avenue in Chelsea.

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