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Eating Organs

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Eating Organs in Lamb Face Salad at Biang

It’s not often that some mammal will gaze back at you from the plate. Sure there are certain eye-to-eye encounters between diners and their fish or fowl, but it’s rare that you’ll get to eat a mammalian eye or sample from a menu featuring delicious organs and connective tissue. Read more

The Best Restaurants in the White Mountains

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The Best Restaurants in the White Mountains: Fried Clams Stickney's Pub

On account of the prolific Atlantic and vast sweeps of maple tree forests, for years, New Englanders have been feasting like no one else in the States. My image of these meals consists of lobster dinners preceded by crocks of creamy clam chowder; heavenly breakfasts smothered with the richest of syrups. But normally the accolades for the region’s seafood are bestowed upon Cape Cod and Maine, while plaudits are issued to Vermont’s gathered nectar. New Hampshire is often unfairly overlooked. But the Granite State’s White Mountains, an area that tends to attract outdoor enthusiasts to its adventure-laden landscape, offers the archetype of New England cuisine, too, allowing a trip of adrenaline to pair with a foodie pilgrimage. Here are some of the best restaurants in the White Mountains.

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Jewish Christmas in New York

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Jewish Christmas in New York at Mission Chinese

Every December 25th, Jews around the world take part in the traditional Christmas dinner of wonton soup and chow fun. This year, I decided to set up the Jewish Christmas Food Tour for anyone to replicate and conducted a test run at the start of November. Everything began swimmingly.


First, my food-tour-team stopped at Joe’s Shanghai and ordered two bamboo baskets of soup dumplings. The waiters were not happy when we asked for our bill after devouring the dumplings. It amounted to $12 with tax and tip. (But that’s how you eat on a food tour.)


But after Joe’s, much of the rest of the tour fell apart. Read more

New York City Taco Tour Part Two: An Eating Marathon

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The Best Tacos in New York

Earlier this year, my friend Eric and I toured the East Side of Manhattan in search of the best tacos in New York. When my two Australian friends came to visit back in November, they asked me “What’s the best way to see the Village?” The question birthed part two of the New York City Taco Tour.
While most New Yorkers were uptown watching the New York City Marathon, Dave, Yvonne, and I warmed up for the New York City Marathon Taco Tour by jogging down the Highline Park. We had established two rules for this adventure: we could only eat at establishments that sold individual tacos and we could eat nothing but tacos. Even if complimentary chips and salsa were served, we had to be strong. Our goal was marathon-themed: 26.2 tacos between the three of us. Read more

Eating Camel in Dubai

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Eating Camel in Dubai


I tend to feel like a stranger in a strange land until I familiarize myself with a country’s cuisine. And I don’t mean ordering Pad Thai in Bangkok because I could simply walk down most streets in Manhattan and find this noodle dish, (albeit for ten times the price). I like to eat whatever it is that Americans don’t usually classify as food. So in Thailand, I ate Thai-spiced grasshoppers and beetles and whirligigs. Down Under, I went over the top on kangaroo. In Fiji, I sipped Kava with the locals, who honored me (or mocked me) with the title of Kava King. (Only in Peru was I less daring and avoided devouring the relatives of my second grade classroom pet: Sam the Guinea Pig.)


On my recent trip to Dubai, my stomach would not settle until I ate something unique to the region. Read more