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The Best Foodie Pilgrimage in Connecticut

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Best Restaurants in Connecticut Frank Pepe's Pizza

As a New Yorker, when I travel the Northeast, I think of Cape Cod for the beach, Vermont for snow, and Maine and New Hampshire for a walk in the woods. Of course tiny Rhode Island is where I’ll go if I ever have a need for big mansions that sit along the sea. But I could never figure out Connecticut.  


Just last month, Harper, Marissa, and I ventured across that nearby border to walk some of Connecticut’s state parks. But with rain and a previously feverish infant, we decided to forego the trails. We opted instead to take a food tour from Westport to New Haven, which provided this New Yorker good reason to return to the Constitution State. Read more

The Best Dim Sum in NYC

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The Best Dim Sum in NYC


Ever since I returned from Hong Kong, I’ve had dim sum on my mind. It’s hard not to when my work-day commute and trip to see my parents takes me through America’s third and first largest Chinatowns, respectively. It’s not that carted around dumplings are more delicious than other foods. In fact, in my opinion, Chinese food pales in comparison to other Asian cuisines, specifically Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese. But there’s something pleasantly atavistic about chasing after a dim sum cart, fighting off competitors for your lunch, and then settling down to the convivial spirit of shared eating. Read more

The Best Food at the Reading Terminal Market

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Best food at the Reading Terminal Market Philadelphia

The Reading Terminal Market is the expected result if a mall architect, historian, and foodie collaborated on the design of a food court. With approximately eighty vendors under one roof, selling everything from locally grown produce to baked goods to some of the city’s best sandwiches, the market is Philadelphia’s most important institution. (You can’t eat a Constitution.) Read more

Eating Organs

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Eating Organs in Lamb Face Salad at Biang

It’s not often that some mammal will gaze back at you from the plate. Sure there are certain eye-to-eye encounters between diners and their fish or fowl, but it’s rare that you’ll get to eat a mammalian eye or sample from a menu featuring delicious organs and connective tissue. Read more

The Best Restaurants in the White Mountains

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The Best Restaurants in the White Mountains: Fried Clams Stickney's Pub

On account of the prolific Atlantic and vast sweeps of maple tree forests, for years, New Englanders have been feasting like no one else in the States. My image of these meals consists of lobster dinners preceded by crocks of creamy clam chowder; heavenly breakfasts smothered with the richest of syrups. But normally the accolades for the region’s seafood are bestowed upon Cape Cod and Maine, while plaudits are issued to Vermont’s gathered nectar. New Hampshire is often unfairly overlooked. But the Granite State’s White Mountains, an area that tends to attract outdoor enthusiasts to its adventure-laden landscape, offers the archetype of New England cuisine, too, allowing a trip of adrenaline to pair with a foodie pilgrimage. Here are some of the best restaurants in the White Mountains.

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