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Breakfast in Wales: Laver Bread and Cockles

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Breakfast in Wales

When I arrived at the breakfast table in Swansea’s Morgan’s Hotel, I perused the menu and came across a combination that I had never tried before. Laver bread and cockles.


“How is that?” I asked the waiter.


“I would never eat that,” said the waiter taking my order. “But it is a tradition.” He shrugged.


“I’ll go with tradition,” I told him. Read more

The Best Clam Shacks in Cape Cod

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The Best Clam Shacks in Cape Cod Lobster Roll at the Lobster Trap

While I love everything to do with the Cape Cod’s stretch ocean and the vibe of New England beach towns, the one thing that I seem to plot out each time I visit is how many clam shacks I’ll be able to squeeze into one trip. After a recent visit to the Upper Cape, where the best clam shacks in Cape Cod are arguably located, I was able to map out four seafood experiences that are worth a visit. Read more

Smorgasburg: A Day for Foodie Fathers

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Smorgasburg Brooklyn Bridge ParkWhen Marissa and I were expecting, a father of two young children told me that he wished there was a blog that told parents where to dine with their kids. I told him that there probably were a number of blogs like that already. As a father, I’m not of the same mindset as that dad; I’ll take Harper to most restaurants that won’t give us the boot. But on Father’s Day, I found the perfect place for parents who don’t want to go fine-dining with their infant. (More on that next month.) Marissa surprised me with an itinerary that included a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, a walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a food tour through Smorgasburg, a Sunday food market that begins at 11:00 am. Smorgasburg, I realized, was the dining experience that the father with the two young kids needed.

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The Best Foodie Pilgrimage in Connecticut

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Best Restaurants in Connecticut Frank Pepe's Pizza

As a New Yorker, when I travel the Northeast, I think of Cape Cod for the beach, Vermont for snow, and Maine and New Hampshire for a walk in the woods. Of course tiny Rhode Island is where I’ll go if I ever have a need for big mansions that sit along the sea. But I could never figure out Connecticut.  


Just last month, Harper, Marissa, and I ventured across that nearby border to walk some of Connecticut’s state parks. But with rain and a previously feverish infant, we decided to forego the trails. We opted instead to take a food tour from Westport to New Haven, which provided this New Yorker good reason to return to the Constitution State. Read more

The Best Dim Sum in NYC

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The Best Dim Sum in NYC


Ever since I returned from Hong Kong, I’ve had dim sum on my mind. It’s hard not to when my work-day commute and trip to see my parents takes me through America’s third and first largest Chinatowns, respectively. It’s not that carted around dumplings are more delicious than other foods. In fact, in my opinion, Chinese food pales in comparison to other Asian cuisines, specifically Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese. But there’s something pleasantly atavistic about chasing after a dim sum cart, fighting off competitors for your lunch, and then settling down to the convivial spirit of shared eating. Read more