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The Best Restaurants in Connecticut for History and Food

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Best Restaurants in Connecticut

Connecticut is quickly becoming a foodie haven. In one of my last articles on Connecticut, I mapped out a full-day food tour that New Yorkers could take through the western part of the state. But the article neglected most New Englanders. To make up for that oversight and to apologize for calling a good portion of them Massholes, here are a few more of the best restaurants in the state. But these are the best restaurants in Connecticut for history and food.
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The Best Restaurants in Aruba: The Local and Cheap Edition

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The Best Restaurants in Aruba

When people visit an island like Aruba, they come into the experience with expectations. Let’s say these ideals look like this: Mojitos on the beach, kettle drum musicians and tiki torches lining moonlit paths, and dinner beside the sea. But most of these cliches are over-priced and had at establishments more concerned with turnover than quality. When I travel (or dine out at home), I look for restaurants along dusty roads and in desolate parking lots because that’s where you typically find quality. In these less opulent areas one tends to find locals eating delicious food that can be enjoyed at fair prices. To find the best restaurants in Aruba, you need rid yourself of that image of dining with your feet in the sand and the tink-tink of the tin drum in the air. Instead supplant it with the sounds of drive-by radios and views of asphalt. Here are…

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The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

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The Best Restaurants in Gothenburg Sweden

You have to understand two things about eating in Gothenburg: Firstly, it’s expensive–dinner for two will cost about one hundred dollars (that is if you skimp on drinks, appetizers, and desserts). Secondly, the best restaurants in Gothenburg do not charge much more than the bad ones. (But if you stick with me, I’ll also point you toward the cheapest restaurants in Gothenburg, too, where taste is not compromised.)


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Eating Welsh Rare Breeds

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Eating Rare Breed Meats in Wales

At food festivals, I’m always drawn to the vendors that supply cuisine that doesn’t appear on display in the grocery store or listed on a menu. At the Lampeter Food Festival in Central Wales, the tent serving rare breed meat reeled me in. The pork was presented in a familiar style: stuffed into sausage casings, though mixed with unexpected complements like apples and leeks, and jabbed with toothpicks. Read more

Breakfast in Wales: Laver Bread and Cockles

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Breakfast in Wales

When I arrived at the breakfast table in Swansea’s Morgan’s Hotel, I perused the menu and came across a combination that I had never tried before. Laver bread and cockles.


“How is that?” I asked the waiter.


“I would never eat that,” said the waiter taking my order. “But it is a tradition.” He shrugged.


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