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In Case of the Mondays in Portland, Maine

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Where to Eat on Monday in Portland Maine

The very month that Bon Appetit magazine had named Portland, Maine, its Restaurant City of the Year, I had come to eat. But because it was Monday, most establishments were closed.


Wanting to dine out on a Monday in a food destination when everything is closed is a predicament that many leisure and business travelers can relate to: extending that weekend all for naught; recognizing on a work trip that the one saving grace—the coveted meal at the end of the day—sits uncooked behind a closed sign. Read more

Oyster Cruising in Maine on the Damariscotta River

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Eating Oysters Daramiscotta RiverChip was what would happen if the comic Steven Wright had ever decided to turn it down a few notches and to pilot an oyster boat.


While the dull and droll boat captain of Damariscotta Maine River Cruises was a curious creature, every person on the tour cared mostly about another organism: the oysters. Read more

Drinking in the War of 1812

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Best Cocktail Bar in Portland MaineFew people today give much thought to the War of 1812. But when Josh Miranda was growing up in Portland, Maine, he obsessed over it and one battle in particular. The skirmish had taken place off the shores of the city and had claimed the lives of two ship captains, Britain’s William Burrows and America’s Samuel Blyth. Miranda would often take breaks from his paper route and sit atop the raised box tombs of Blyth and Burrows, who were buried side by side in his city. Read more

Band of Bohemia: The First Michelin-Starred Brewpub

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Band of Bohemia First Michelin Star BrewpubWith more than half a dozen breweries in Ravenswood, nearly all of which opened in the last five years, the district is quickly becoming the beer center of Chicago.

Read more

A Conscientious Food Tour in Portland, Maine

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Maine Food For Thought at ScalesOn my last day in Portland, Maine, I recognized that I had a problem. The city, which Bon Appetit magazine selected as the Restaurant City of the Year, had an overwhelming number of exceptional eateries. Even if I would select an establishment from Portland’s top ten best eateries—should such an objective list exist—it would still be a lose-lose, for picking one meant leaving two hundred other gourmet restaurants unvisited. The hardships of first-world living. Read more

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