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Is your bucket list getting too long? Life getting in the way? Upcoming adventures that you just don’t want to take? Well now, Somewhere Or Bust is offering a distinct new service. You can hire me as your traveling avatar. Welcome to the Personal Avatar Program, where you can send a travatar to experience your next undesirable journey:


Have a destination wedding that you’re dreading? Work trip interfering with your son’s first baseball game? A Bar Mitzvah in Oklahoma? Need someone to fill in for you during one week of your two-week honeymoon?


Well, now you can send me in your place. I’ll take your trip for you and in a blog post with plenty of pictures, so you feel like you were right in the thick of things, tell you all about how Uncle Phil drank too many dirty martinis and why cousin Abigail is no longer allowed to sit with cousin Herb at family affairs. You’ll have copious notes on why the merger between your company and Tilapia Burgers went swimmingly. The honeymoon might have less photographs because it’s your honeymoon, after all.


Get Your Travatar Today… While Supplies Last… There’s Only One.


Contact Somewhere Or Bust to learn more about the Personal Avatar Program. Your adventure awaits me.


Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible if your Bubbie starts to send me your $18.00 Hannukah present because she thought I was you. And please don’t blame me if Aunt Carol invites me to Cousin Jennifer’s first communion and makes me godfather instead of you. Travatar may appear different from photograph above, if you are, in fact, able to even tell the difference between blogger and statue.


This Travatar post began as a joke, but now seems like a great idea. I will consider any offer.

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4 Responses to Hire Your Personal Travatar

  1. Sam

    New motto: have backpack, will travel.

  2. Mrs. Gross

    Brilliant! There’s a wedding in Pennsylvania in June. Barbecue, reception, brunch, etc. Do you charge one price for the whole event, or by individual events? The grooms family knows us, so make-up and learning our bios is necessary. Also, how fast can you age 30+ years?

    • Noah Lederman

      As my first Travatar client, I’ll be glad to attend all the events for the cost of the make-up. I’m happy to play all members of the family, but that might require a lot of make-up. I’ve aged 30 years pretty quickly once before; I’m sure I can do it again.

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