Have You Seen This Couple?

Couple's Massage Photo

On a trip to Toronto’s Chinatown district, I turned to my left and saw an advertisement for massage. (The ad is featured in the picture above.) Then I turned to my right and noticed that the next massage business had a mirror image of the same relaxed couple. (That’s the picture below.)


Couple's Massage Photo


Now, fast forward a few weeks and I’m walking down the block, near my house, which happens to be in a flourishing Chinatown in New York. I’m not paying much attention to my surroundings because I’m read-walking, which is like speed-walking, but much slower and with a book. I’m stopped by a woman handing out pink flyers, which I normally don’t accept, but I needed a bookmark. I almost tucked it away in the back of my novel when I noticed something familiar. (Here’s the flyer below.)


Couple's Massage Photo


Look familiar?


Have You Seen This Couple?


Who were these two models? I continued down the boulevard and saw those two euphoric faces at least a half dozen more times on nearly every single massage parlor that I passed on the half-mile walk home. The walk left me with questions:


Did they know that the camera shoot that they had posed for was going to lead to their faces being posted on numerous Chinatown massage shops? Was it even a shoot or had some subterfuge taken place? Had the couple submitted themselves to paid-for-pleasure that resulted instead in identity theft? What was it about those two faces? Can no other image communicate the distinct pleasure of a Chinatown massage? Does anyone ever reach the ecstasy this pair experienced or acted out? Has anyone seen this couple lately?


I’m offering a reward–a small one that is travel-related–for anyone who can help me track down the male and female in this shoot. I want to know that they’re okay. I want to know that they’ve received the appropriate royalties. I want to know if the massages down the block–all four-hundred of them–are really that good. Help me build a case below. Leave a comment. If this goes real deep, if I’ve hit on something dangerous, and you need to remain anonymous, send me a message. We’ll find you long-haired Tatum Channing and attractive white female.




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2 Responses to Have You Seen This Couple?

  1. Sam

    I’m wondering if the massaging HANDS are the same.

    • Noah Lederman

      I hope so. Otherwise it’s a case of fool-me-once-fool-me-twice-etc

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