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Ironic and Funny Travel Photos Cool Abayas with Spikes and Sequins Dubai

When we commute to work, let’s say, we’re not very observant. We multitask between phones and newspapers or we fidget with the radio dial and monitor our road rage. The same goes for when we walk around our neighborhoods. We’re more wrapped up with… Did you see what Bill wrote on Facebook? Did you make sure to retweet Jessica’s controversial statement? We overlook many worthwhile oddities and miss out on the myriad strange encounters that did not include us because we were occuppied. One of the reasons people experience culture shock when they travel is because they commit to being observant. In the past few months, I came across people, attire, tattoos, and the work of flawed taxidermists that made me laugh or left me befuddled. Here’s a collection of funny travel photos or images that captured the irony of our world.

Ironic and Funny Travel Photos


Cool Abayas with Spikes and Sequins Dubai


Many devout Muslim women dress in the conservative abaya. It was quite amusing to see abayas with pink sequins and black, spiked epaulets.


Best Drunk Tattoo


Meet poor Steve. Meet poor Steve’s calf. Steve, whom I did not have the pleasure of meeting, must have had the misfortune of being drunk at a bachelor party with a cadre of devious friends in attendance. Poor Steve’s girlfriend had the misfortune of walking beside Steve on a trip where he forgot to pack his pants.


Nice Visor


Sometimes we wear sunglasses to keep out the sun. Sometimes we wear visors to keep the sun off of our faces. Sometimes we transform our visor into a faceshield.


Take a Photo with the Blonde Dubai


While I was walking around a museum in Dubai, a group of Indian tourists stopped my Polish guide and requested that she take a picture with them. They had never seen a blonde woman before. They also hadn’t ever heard of hair dye.


Tourists Shooting Photos of Stuffed Birds


In the same museum, this same group of tourists snapped hundreds of pictures of the stuffed seagulls that hanged like feral-winged rodents. It’s interesting how the one species I shoo away more than any other lifeform on this planet was this great attraction for others.


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