Funniest Signs in Asia Part II

Funniest Signs in Asia

I figured nobody wants to read much as they spend today’s work day shopping online during Cyber Monday. That’s fine because you won’t be able to read these signs, shirts, or hats anyway. Here are the funniest signs in Asia:

The Funniest Signs in Asia

Funny Shirts in Asia

Is this a pro-life shirt with a hint of blasphemy or a reference to using the bathroom?

Funny Signs in Southeast Asia

No English slip-ups here, but did you really need to butcher the colors of the Pac Man ghosts? Galloping elephants?

Funny Signs in Asia

Please don’t ask if this is a good bar. I think the sign explains it all. And don’t bring your stereotypes of the Thais to Thailand. They won’t tolerate it, unless they love you long time.

Funniest Signs in Korea

This is a photograph that my brother, Jake Lederman, took in South Korea. Errr? I suggest another cafe.

If you love funny signs, see The Funniest Signs in Asia Part I.

What were the most bizarre signs you’ve ever seen on your travels? Please note, my comments section is up and running again.

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6 Responses to Funniest Signs in Asia Part II

  1. sam lederman

    i long enjoyed my reading of many words before today.

  2. Juliann

    These are great! I don’t know which I like best, the t-shirt slogan or Love You Long Time.

    I’ve taken some funny sign pictures in Asia, too. Some things are just lost in translation, aren’t they? 🙂

    • Noah Lederman

      That’s the best part, Juliann. What did some of those signs say?

  3. Nico @ ATravellersJourney

    Galloping elephant? I thought elephants trunk sold here maybe.

    • Noah Lederman

      I should have realized this. It makes perfect sense since the shop next door with the Pac Man ghosts sold caskets.

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