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Okay. This 51-page ebook is perfect for readers wanting humorous misadventure stories or travelers setting off to Southeast Asia. Even if you’re not going to Southeast Asia, this free travel ebook is a laugh at my expense.


Whether you’re a foodie looking for the most daring cuisine in Hong Kong, a hiker wanting to explore Bali or Vietnam, or a traveler preferring to avoid decapitation while riding on trains/vans/motobikes, then this is the ebook for you. Strung through the narrative are excellent travel tips and important warnings to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered. Either way, you’ll have a blast reading it. And it’s FREE. (If you don’t enjoy this ebook, I’ll even buy you one beer… in New York… and I get to select the spot… and let’s stick with domestic, please.)


While there are a lot of great stories inside Misadventures in Southeast Asia, it does, unfortunately, only come in one color. But I’m working on that.


What Stories are Inside the Ebook, Misadventures in Southeast Asia?


Some stories are brand new. Some stories were published in the Boston Globe or on other travel blogs. And some stories have appeared on Somewhere Or Bust, however, they’ve been expanded and improved. You’ll read about:


  • Eating Hong Kong’s spiciest soup and facing criticism from all the old women in the city.
  • Being smuggled into the Thai Islands via night boat.
  • Riding the deadly Laotian sleeper bus.
  • Facing Vietnam’s scams, hassles, Golems, and border crossings.
  • Riding through Cambodia on deadly motorbikes and bamboo trains.
  • Facing off against Bali’s tour guide mafia.


Praise for the Ebook

Within 24 hours of being released, AppNewser listed Misadventures in Southeast Asia as their Ebook of the day. Misadventures in Southeast Asia was also lauded by The Global Bookshelf. Praise for the book on Twitter crippled the little bird.

Praise for Noah Lederman


“[Noah’s writing (particularly this one essay about getting food poisoning in Peru)] is one of the most enjoyable pieces about poop (yet about so much more!)

— Zoe Singer, writer/editor


“If the mark of a good travel writer is the ability to induce in the reader a sense that he or she is experiencing the place for the first time whether they’ve been there before or not, you sir are one of the greats”

— Michael Lennick, filmmaker


“You got a nice home. You need to run around the world. For what? To write? Oy. Oy.”

— Grandma, grandmother


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