Dubai Desert Safari: Bashing The Dunes

Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert Safari
The sand in the desert around Dubai looked as though the reds and beiges had been sifted together. They appeared as if someone had dragged their hand in the wrong direction across the back of a Tabby cat. All around us the dunes ascended and descended with graying desert plants dotting the land. The sun turned the sky hazy and ghostly. The hot wind erased the foot prints and jeep tracks we had just made in the landscape.


Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert 4 Wheel Drive


The Dubai Desert Safari Begins


“Let’s go,” our Desert Gate guide and driver said.


We got back into the Land Rover and he plugged in his iPhone.


“Do you like music?” he asked.


“Of course,” we all said.


He shuffled through his playlist and turned the key in the ignition. “This is My Life,” by Edward Maya came on and he pressed down on the accelerator. The British girls in the seat behind me let out a scream and reached up to grab hold of the roll-over bars that ran through the truck like a human rib cage.



Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert 4 Wheel Drive


The truck climbed the sand dune and the vehicles around us started to fishtail as they went over the hump. Our vehicle started to spin out, too, but our driver pulled hard on the wheel and looked in his rearview at the terrified Brits.


Dune Bashing in the Dubai Desert 4 Wheel Drive


For forty minutes, we bashed through the desert in our mechanical shells, feeling the tires slip, watching the red sand spray, listening to the Arabic music on this Dubai desert safari.


Camel Crossing Dubai Desert


“How many times have you flipped?” I asked.


He laughed. I was serious. He didn’t answer.


But the Desert Gate drivers were well trained, spending one or two months driving the desert dunes before being allowed to put tourists’ lives at risk.


After we had bashed the dunes, we arrived at a Bedouin camp where three muzzled camels walked guests in a small circle. There was sandboarding and desert dancing, but I’ll get into those later. For now, just know that we had a delicious Bedouin feast and then we got back into the trucks. Our driver stepped on the gas and the tires quickly spun out. The passengers gave off a collective groan. Dune bashing would prove more problematic as we worked on digesting our desert feast.


Note: My trip was sponsored by the tourist board of Dubai, but the information about Dubai and Dubai Desert Gate is honest.


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  1. Habib

    Yes Agreed, Dune Bashing in the Desert of Dubai is a dangerous thing to experience, Last month i has same adventure, during my drive on the Desert Dune i feel all the time that our 4×4 Land Cruiser will scroll out. but its true this adventure is not for tender heart person…

  2. Shedi

    Noah thanks for sharing your honest experience. Which camera did you use for pictures? and did you try quad biking in desert Safari Dubai?

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