Driving in Korea

Driving in Korea

I like to write about driving in other countries because quite often I’m curious or intrigued by the things that I see on the road.


Driving in Korea


In Korea, for instance, besides every car sporting window¬†tints so illegal in New York that you’d get pulled over at every intersection, SUVs have rear window mirrors that hang off like satellites, and many vehicles tape blue foam to their doors to prevent little nicks, even though they now have ridiculous blue foam pads instead. But you know you’re in Korea when the cacophony of shrieks and sirens erupt on major roadways; these horrid calls keep drivers alert.


Funny Signs in Korea


A Yellow-Eared Dog


My favorite Korean driving conundrum is just before entering Busan. There is a toll booth collector whose job it is to make change for drivers. Then the driver inches up, stops again, and deposits that change into a basket, waiting for the coins to clink to the bottom so that the gate can open. I explained to my driver that I thought there was a middleman worth cutting out somewhere. But he said, “No. This is what she does. Change coins, so that you can throw coins.”

“Right, but why doesn’t she just open the gate instead of giving out change.”

“The basket does that.”

I would have continued to point out the mismanagement of resources, but I got thrown off when one of the road signs shrieked at me.


Driving in Korea Moving Cattle


Driving in Korea

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  1. Sam

    “Middle men” get upset if you try to delete them

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