Acrobats at Devdan

After meeting with the general manager in front of the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, I had my doubts about the Devdan performance. Though I enjoyed the prologue, when the show spoofed the audience–Asian tourists–by having the Balinese actors enter a monkey forest, take photos of everything, flash peace signs for every pose, all while touring in business casual attire, my skepticism seemed confirmed when the comedy element left the stage.

The show suddenly fell into the hands of two kids forced into flimsy dialogue. But the conversation ended quickly when they stumbled upon a treasure chest filled with traditional Indonesian objects that first transported them to Bali. The island scene had high-energy and stunning costumes, but lackluster choreography.

But when the kids were teleported to Sumatra, the lights dropped and the performance became Broadwayesque. I had never seen kneeled line dancers on any of the stages surrounding 42nd Street and when the acrobats flew on silk ropes behind a veil of rain, it could have easily been Cirque du Soleil.

Devdan: The Cirque du Soleil of Bali

Line Dancing at Devdan

Devdan a la Cirque du Soleil

Even the stage tricks were bold. In Java, when the ensemble balanced an actor on a spear tip, with the point aimed at his heart, I didn’t think that they were ready for this high-level stunt and special effect. They spun him like a dial and then plunged his body down through the spear.

Devdan in Java

Everyone gasped.

“Was that supposed to happen?” I asked my wife. (It was.)

Devdan in Java

The show also navigated an avant-garde line that balanced between artistic and bizarre, however, always fun.

The pig-tailed teen who had stumbled upon the treasure chest interrupted the Javanese performers and invited a group of beautiful hip hop girls onto the stage. The modern dancers battled the Javanese men, who wore traditional garb and doo rags.

Then, these fourth-wall breaking monkeys, who played acrobatic stooges, danced to The Pussycat Dolls Buttons.

“What island is this?” someone behind me asked.

The most phenomenal scene time-traveled the audience to Borneo, where two ballet dancers took their floor routine to the air when two black ropes dropped from the ceiling.

The beauty, of course, was abruptly halted when the kids pulled a “penis guard” from the treasure chest and concluded their journey in Papua, where men danced and nearly poked their eyes out with carrot-like protrusions rising from their groin.

Devdan in Papua

Tickets for the show begin at $65, though for $120 you can sit in leather recliners.

Disclaimer: I received tickets free of charge, though the review is honest.

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    is amazing dance with great sound system and visual effects make the story come to life

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