Curious Signs in an Airplane Bathroom

Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


I’m always shocked by the irony of an airplane toilet. It’s one of those places where you can tell that those responsible for posting the signage had no faith in man’s intelligence. Yet at the same time the signs really set the occupant up for failure or criminality.


Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


Take for instance the signs above the toilet instructing passengers to avoid flushing bottles down the bowl. In my youth, I’ve flushed a few things down toilets that I probably shouldn’t have, but large milk jugs or take out boxes from McDonald’s were never on my list of juvenile misbehavior. Is there zero faith in humanity? Well possibly. But if we really feel that man would literally put anything down a toilet bowl, shouldn’t we do a better job protecting our stewardess and feature them on the do-not-flush sign?


Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


Female readers, you might be thinking, wait, I’ve never seen these signs. It’s because the male urination situation has provided our gender with more exposure to these warnings. Someone had suggested that the signs were posted solely for males. But that doesn’t explain the mixed messages on the bathroom walls inviting patrons to smoke, but not to smoke.


Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


And it doesn’t explain the signs that invite flight attendants to serve soda while one is clearly using the commode. But after I placed my last seltzer order using the above button and opened the door, I could tell that most flight attendants weren’t even trained at serving seltzer to a man on the toilet.


Signs in an Airplane Bathroom


If the signs don’t answer all of your questions about using a toilet a few miles high, then check out the following stories (1, 2) on how to use a toilet in the air. Let me know if you’ve spotted any other gems in airplane toilet signage. Since I already reported on terminal-toilet culture, I’ve got more porcelain pastures to explore. My new pastime is attempting to preserve culture above 29,000 feet.

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4 Responses to Curious Signs in an Airplane Bathroom

  1. Jonny Blair

    Hilarious post! I wrote a piece before about tips on going to the toilet when I travel, glad to read some similar obscure type articles!
    Jonny Blair recently posted…Backpacking in the UK: Reasons to Visit Devon and CornwallMy Profile

    • Noah Lederman

      Thanks Jonny. I hope you continue to find inspiration in bathrooms around the world. I still do.

  2. Marc

    What a funny post. Now that I have read this I may look for the signs in airplanes and also other places. You never know where you get the inspiration to write like this. I have written so many funny articles like this just because something triggered in me. Keep up the great work.
    Marc recently posted…Pheasant Branch Conservancy Madison, WIMy Profile

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