Chinatown in New York, A Food Tour: Flushing, Part Two

Chinatown in New York, A Food Tour of Flushing, Soup Dumplings

Welcome back for Part II of the Best Chinatown in New York. In Part I, we learned about the best cuisine in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Now buckle down (or unbuckle) for the The Best Chinatown in New York: The Flushing Edition.


This is just a reminder: Rather than stuffing yourself at just one restaurant, treat Flushing’s Chinatown as if it were one big dim sum cart. If you are committing to this mission, here is your food tour of Flushing.







If you thought Joe’s Shanghai in Manhattan was good, eat at the original at 136-21 37th Avenue. Order the same dishes recommended in the last post–The Best of Chinatown: Manhattan Edition–and follow the same bun-eating instructions manual. (So, how many of you got burned from not following my step-by-step guide to eating soup dumplings?) There’s something tastier about the food at Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing. I speculate that it’s because the patrons in Queens are mostly Chinese, unlike the diners in the Chinatown in New York City. Therefore, the cooks are required to prepare better food to please a Chinese eater. (Think about it: Where is Joe’s Latke Shop going to have to put in the extra effort Chinatown or Williamsburg?) Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m probably not.


Flushing Chinatown in New York



At the corner of Main Street and 40th Road there is a faded, red awning that reads Corner 28. The awning belonged to the former establishment that once occupied that storefront. Out front is a fruit stand and a woman in a booth sells delicious Peking duck wraps for about one dollar. Below the faded awning is a red banner in Chinese that I cannot read, but it must be the name of the mini food court inside. From 6:00 and 10:30 in the morning, cheap and good dim sum is on offer. Each foursome of dumplings–shu mai, shrimp, or shrimp and chives, to name the best–costs $2.50. It’s more of a to-go place, but in the back, past the Hong Kong soup stall and beside the bubble tea station, are a few cafeteria seats.


Since the above place closed down in 2014, here’s a bonus: Biang on Main Street. Great noodles, interesting organ meats, and lamb face salad. Want to know what parts of the lamb face pop up in your salad? Read this post. 




Wind down your food of Flushing’s Chinatown with pho soup and shrimp summer rolls on Kissena Boulevard, where the road splits away from Main Street. Try Pho Hoang or its neighbor Pho Bang. Pho a few dollars Pho Hoang also has a great selection of BBQ meats.


Note: Bring cash. I’ve eaten at about thirty restaurants in Flushing’s Chinatown. The best food is great, but many of the average places are terrible. Next time I write about Flushing, I’ll bring you into the underground food world where savoriness and salmonella complement each other nicely.


Getting There: From Manhattan, hop on the 7 Train that runs down 42nd Street. Take it to the last stop for the second Chinatown in New York.


Flushing Chinatown in New York

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  1. sam lederman

    ‘pho a few dollars…” as we say in brooklyn…. phogettaboutit!

    • Noah Lederman

      Brooklynites and the Vietnamese have many cultural similarities.

  2. Steph

    Just stumbled across this Noah and it’s EXACTLY what I am looking for for my trip to NYC this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you at the Blog House!
    Steph recently posted…Italy: The Best and WorstMy Profile

    • Noah Lederman

      Just so you know Steph, I went back to Joe’s the other week and while the food is still amazing, the health department nailed them with a C. (This happened to be my last post, by the way.) If you need any pointers while you’re in town, let me know. Looking forward to meeting you at Blog House, too. Enjoy Flushing.

  3. Lisa | LLworldtour

    Of course I’m reading through a bunch of your food posts too! How can I not?! Good stuff. See you next week at Bloghouse! 🙂
    Lisa | LLworldtour recently posted…Photo Essay: Bhutan & A Little About the CountryMy Profile

    • Noah Lederman

      Thanks Lisa. Looking forward to seeing you at Blog House, too.

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