Having Children: Southeast Asia, A Case Study

Children in Southeast Asia

Five of Marissa’s friends were pregnant at our wedding and these friends started popping kids out while we were in Southeast Asia. Naturally, the topic of having kids was breached. We decided that we’d like to have kids, too, and nothing is more motivating than watching parents interact with their children. In the first week of our trip, here are twelve children in Southeast Asia who we can’t stop thinking about:

Children in Southeast Asia

Kid #1: American Airlines Flight to Hong Kong: The child behind us cried relentlessly. I turned around to see what could be so miserable. He had snot dripping down his face and a smile.


Kid #2: Pizza Express in Hong Kong: Marissa got tired of eating Chinese food (after day two), so I had to feed her pizza. A mother sprinted out of the restaurant, clutching her child like a football. There was a trail of urine leading out of the restaurant.


Kid #3-9: Baby Races: In Hong Kong, there were six lanes in a mall’s lobby. A big banner announced that there were baby races. A crowd had gathered to watch babies crawl down their assigned lane in an attempt to be the first to reach their parent. The parents were allowed to entice their child with a rattle. The race started off with excitement. By the time the babies reached the middle of the track, about ten feet from the end, they stopped crawling, sat up, and played with their toes. One baby stayed on course for about fifteen feet. It looked like we would be witness to a decisive victory. Then, suddenly, he veered to the left, crossing from his blue lane into the red and then yellow lane only to be disqualified. It was almost a proud moment.


Kid #10: Hong Kong ferry: An Australian toddler puked all over his mother. She kept repeating: “Great, I smell like puke.” He would not stop crying.


Kid #11: Air Asia Flight to Thailand: This baby shrieked for the entire 3-hour flight. SHRIEKED. ENTIRE. She was in the seat behind us. After the flight, she tried playing peek-a-boo with me. While we were taxiing to the gate, the mother decided that the baby actually enjoyed playing with the iPad. “We should have turned this on during the flight,” she said.


Kid #12: Thailand ferry: A blonde little girl was holding her father’s hands and walking up his body, doing flips. She was giggling and her father was laughing. Marissa put her head on my shoulder as we smiled at this little angel. Then the girl pissed herself. The father stood there shaking his head.


Then we thought about our memories of being kids and traveling with our parents. They were some great times, even when we also puked and screamed. And our parents still kept taking us places. Kids are great, we concluded.


I’d actually much rather hear your stories about traveling with kids. So please share them if you’ve had the opportunity.

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5 Responses to Having Children: Southeast Asia, A Case Study

  1. Juliann

    Luckily, my kids have always been good travelers. Maybe in part because we usually travelled by car when they were little? I always feel so sorry for the babies and parents on planes. I know the air pressure is killing their ears and they don’t know what to do about it. I’d scream, too.

    • Noah Lederman

      Not many would have the same sympathy/empathy as you, Juliann. Next time, I think I’ll teach them the hold your nose, exhale, and pop your ears trick instead of playing Peek-A-Boo from behind the seat.

  2. sam lederman

    yes…..we kept taking you and jake on vacations.it was moms decision however that you’ll return with us as well.anyway,as far as the diapering part…….better than having to diaper bubbe or poppy in beautiful hawaii.

  3. sam lederman

    i thought mom made a rather rushed decision.

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